4 Ways To Maximize Solar Savings

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A house with solar panels.

Investing in a robust solar system can help you make significant savings on your energy bills. It helps you meet your power needs without increasing your spending. Additionally, solar power reduces the chances of downtime due to the grid going offline. Thus, you’re assured of a continuous power supply in your home. 

Even though it saves you money, there are several things you can do to help you maximize these savings. The following steps ensure you efficiently use your solar power and reduce the need to buy more power from the grid: 

1. Get A Backup Battery

Your solar panels can produce energy during the day more than you can use. You might need to buy it later from the grid if you don’t have a storage option. However, you can eliminate this cost with a backup battery. 

A solar battery can help store the excess energy the solar panels produce during the day. Later in the night, you can use this energy instead of buying from the grid. Thus, the backup battery allows you to operate your appliances without incurring extra costs. 

You can buy a backup battery from your local solar distributor. Most suppliers can give deals on solar panels that include solar battery rebates. Getting your battery installed simultaneously with the solar panels would be best. The reason is that it can cut your installation costs. Additionally, it’s easier for the installation company to design a better position for your backup battery. Thus, you can have less drilling on your walls or floors to facilitate battery installation. 

2. Change Your Energy-Intensive Usage To Daytime

Solar panels’ energy production time is when there’s sunlight. If your usage doesn’t consume the energy produced during the day, you may not get the maximum benefit from your solar panels. The excess energy can be lost or sent to the grid. If you need more power later, you may incur costs you can easily avoid. Hence, using your heavy appliances more during the day than at night would be best. 

For instance, look at the energy-intensive appliances you use in the house. These are equipment like a dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, and electric oven. Some appliances, like the washing machine and dishwasher, have timers. Therefore, if you aren’t at home during the day, you can set their timers to operate while you’re away if it’s safe

Furthermore, if you have appliances with rechargeable batteries, you can charge them during the day. Appliances like vacuum cleaners and cordless kettles can have these batteries. Thus, you can run them with battery power if you need to use them at night. 

Additionally, it would be best to plug in your other rechargeable electronic devices, such as laptops and mobile phones, during the day. You can also get a small uninterrupted power supply (UPS) battery for these small electronics. This can help you use or charge your electronics at night without tapping on the grid energy.

With advanced technology, some heating and cooling appliances have a preheat and precool setting. This setting can allow you to set your desired temperatures during the day and switch them off at night. The internet of things (IoT) also means you can control such an appliance with your smartphone. Thus, they can help you maximize the power produced during the day and increase energy savings. 

3. Keep Your Solar System Well Maintained

Like other valuable investments, your solar system also needs regular maintenance. This can help you get maximum efficiency for an extended period. Therefore, following a maintenance routine for your solar system would be best. Solar experts recommend cleaning your solar panels once or twice a year to remove dust and dirt. The cleaning can ensure your panels receive maximum exposure to sunlight. Thus, it would be best to take note of bird droppings or molds on the solar panels. 

Additionally, vegetation around your solar panels might hinder them from direct sunlight. You can trim off branches and bushes surrounding the panels. Apart from the minor maintenance work, you should also schedule a professional check-up at least every two years. Your local distributor should assist you with this. If not, you can contact your nearest solar experts. 

4. Use Your Large Appliances One At A Time

Solar energy provides you with an unlimited free power source. However, the size of your solar system can determine the amount of energy you get to power your home appliances. Therefore, limiting the number of equipment you use at a particular time would be best. The reason is the wattage of two or more machines can increase your power usage above what the solar panels can produce. Thus, you’ll have to draw extra power from the grid. 

Therefore, using one appliance at a time would be best. For instance, you can use the washing machine after the dishwasher. This ensures that your power usage is within what the solar panels can produce. Thus, you can avoid the extra costs of drawing more power from the grid. 

Solar Panels.
A home with chimney and brown roof with black rectangular solar panels


Solar power investment is a good move towards saving energy costs. However, that’s the first step. You should also follow these actions to get the most out of your solar panels. This can help you maximize your savings and significantly reduce your energy costs. 

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