4 Ways to Style a Dress for the Holidays

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The holiday season is coming up which means plenty of parties, family gatherings, and maybe a hot date or two under the mistletoe! Of course, you want to have the perfect outfits to wear for every holiday occasion that comes up on your calendar. You’ve got your dresses picked out, but they seem pretty plain on their own, and you’re not quite sure how to spruce them up. If you’re stumped on how to make your outfits pop this winter, we’re here to help with a list of tips and tricks on how to style your favorite dresses for the holiday season.

1) Pair a Simple Dress with Statement Accessories

If you’re planning on wearing a simple dress that comes in a neutral color like white or black, you’re going to want to elevate your look by pairing it with some stunning statement accessories. The holidays are all about shimmer and sparkle, so why not embody that by wearing a pair of dazzling dangling diamond earrings and a necklace to match? If you’re someone who prefers a more low-key look, you can still add a pop of shine by wearing a simple gold or silver paperclip chain necklace and a set of matching studs. By picking out just a few accessories to pair with your dress, you’ll be surprised just how much it’ll make your ensemble stand out at the next holiday event that you attend.

2) Pick a Dress Made with a Fun Fabric

Use the holiday season as a time to explore your fashion sense and try wearing a dress made with a fun fabric this winter, like satin or velvet. Satin in a soft material that gives off a glossy shine, making it the perfect fabric to wear when you want to turn heads when walking into a room. High quality satin tends to be made from silk thread, but there are also plenty of fantastic satin dresses that are made with polyester blends. If you’re looking for a cute holiday date night look, you could wear a stylish, sensual satin mini dress. Just be sure to pair it with a warm coat in case you have to spend any time outdoors.

Velvet is a thick fabric that’s plush and soft to the touch, and gives off a shiny appearance, similar to satin. Velvet is typically made from either a woven silk or cotton blend of fabrics. For a look that’s both cozy and chic, try wearing a long-sleeved, square neck, ruched red velvet dress to your family’s holiday party this season.

3) Make Sure Your Makeup Compliments Your Look

Another great way to accentuate any dress that you wear this holiday season is by making sure that your makeup compliments your look. For instance, if you’re planning to wear a glittery gold dress to your friend’s New Year’s Eve bash, we’d suggest pairing it with a sparkly champagne colored eyeshadow, light gold-tinted highlight, and a blush lip color to make your face look just as eye-catching as your outfit. Alternatively, if you want to craft a formal holiday party look that will turn heads, there’s nothing better than pairing a long, red dress with a classic red lip. While makeup isn’t a necessity, it can be a great tool to use to help create a stunning head to toe look this holiday season.

4) If It’s Cold, Put on Tights Underneath

While we want to look our best during the holiday season, sometimes function has to take priority over fashion. This is especially true if you live somewhere that gets cold during the winter months. Sure, it would be nice to head out in your favorite mini dress, but not when snow’s falling outside! Luckily, there’s an easy solution to be had in this scenario. If it’s looking like your legs might get cold while wearing a dress to a holiday event, it’s a great idea to put on tights underneath your outfit. Tights come in a variety of different colors from skin tone to neon, so you’ll easily be able to find a pair that perfectly fits in with your ensemble. In addition to this, tights come in varying levels of thickness, so you can pick out the right pair to wear depending on the temperatures outside. The weather might be frightful, but your style will still be delightful!

In Conclusion

There are so many different ways to style a dress for the holiday season. Pick out accessories and makeup that will accentuate your look, choose a dress made with a fun fabric like satin or velvet, and consider wearing tights if it gets too cold to go out in a dress alone. By following the steps above, you’re sure to craft a holiday look that you’ll absolutely love. What are your favorite ways to style an outfit for the holidays?

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