4th of July Crafts – DIY Fabric Flag

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4th of July Crafts - DIY Fabric Flag | Optimistic Mommy

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays and while I love 4th of July Crafts for this time of year, I love to decorate with patriotic decor all year! This DIY Fabric Flag is quite simple, inexpensive, and is the perfect decor for so many occasion. This sweet little flag does not require much for materials, is no sew, and is one of many great 4th of July Crafts you can create for only a few dollars.

Creating a DIY fabric flag for the 4th of July isn’t only a great way to celebrate the holidays, it can also help you and your family bond with each other. This is especially true if you live with kids. You can even let your children make their own DIY fabric flag, and then turn the activity into a contest! The winner can then hang their flag on a flagpole! Nowadays, you can find flagpoles for sale really easily online too, so do not worry if you do not have one yet as they are easier to purchase than you might think.

4th of July Crafts – DIY Fabric Flag


  • 1 Square Of Denim (From Old Jeans Or Another Garment) Approximately 6″ x 6″
  • Ribbon, Varying Widths and Shades of Red, and White or Ivory (I used burlap ribbon and 4 spools of lace for $1 each.)
  • Twine
  • White or Ivory Fabric Paint
  • Hot Glue and Glue Gun
  • Scissors
4th of July Crafts - DIY Fabric Flag | Optimistic Mommy
4th of July Crafts - DIY Fabric Flag | Optimistic Mommy
4th of July Crafts - DIY Fabric Flag | Optimistic Mommy

Instructions: Begin making a mock up of your flag by laying your piece of denim flat and cutting strips of ribbon & twine to the desired length for your flags stripes.  You do not have to create an exact replica of the American Flag but you may want to have the amount of reds and whites somewhat proportionate.

Once you have cut all your pieces to the correct length, you’ll begin gluing them into place. Start by using the hot glue gun to attach any white or ivory ribbons to the red, letting the red become the background. Hot glue pieces of twine to the white ribbons. Repeat this with all reds and whites.

When your ribbons are glued together and cool, glue the short strips to the back side of the denim square. Choose a color of ribbon for the strip that the flag will hang from and cut it to approximately 12″ longer than the overall width of the flag. Attach the denim square and short stripes to the back of this ribbon with hot glue. Attach long stripes to the back of this ribbon as well.

Aside from gluing your materials together, you can also try sewing them. Website such as DoYouSew.com provide tips on how you can start sewing, and what materials are necessary for basic sewing.

To make the flag hang a bit straighter, I cut an additional piece of the top ribbon and securely glued it to the back side of the first ribbon. Cut 2 pieces of ribbon approximately 8″ long and make a small bow to attach at each side of the flag. This can be attached with hot glue as well. Use hot glue to attach a small piece of twine to the back of the flag for hanging. Finally, carefully draw stars on the denim square with the white or ivory fabric glue and allow them to dry completely. Remember, you do not need 50 stars as this does not have to be an exact replica of the American Flag. Once your flag is completely dry, display it proudly on your wall or porch for the 4th of July or year round! Patrick help working on your homework.

Pro Tips For Parents 

DIY crafts can be fun and exciting, but making these for the first time can be stressful. This is especially true if you’re planning to invite your kids to help out. Fortunately, all’s not lost because there are actually many ways you can have fun making DIY projects with your kids, and even with your entire family.  

If you haven’t experienced doing some 4th of July crafts with your family, the following tips can come in handy: 

  1. Expect That Everything Will Get Messy
    Making DIY projects with your kids for the 4th of July can be a great bonding experience, but don’t expect that everything will go through as planned. On the contrary, DIY projects with kids can get really messy. Instead of worrying about the cleanup, bask in the moment and allow you and your kids to have fun throughout the entire duration of the project.  
  2. Don’t Present One Firm Example
    This article showed the materials, and steps on how to make a DIY fabric flag, but this doesn’t mean that you strictly follow this resource. If you have other materials lying around your home, or if your kids want to customize their flags, let them. Presenting one firm example to your kids, and finding out that what they’re making is different from what you’ve presented will only create stress.  
  3. Look For Crafts That Are Age-appropriate
    Before you invite your children to make some DIY fabric flags with you, assess if the project is suitable for their age first. Although it can be exciting for you, making DIY projects when your kids can barely hold up scissors or other materials and accessories will only result in injuries.  

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  1. Robin Rue says

    What a neat project. I love it. It came out great.

  2. Simply At Home Mom says

    This is so pretty and looks like fun to make too!

  3. Trisha Grimes says

    I’m loving this fabric flag! It has sort of antique look to it and would go perfect with my mom’s decor.

  4. Deanna Ritz says

    I’ve never thought of making something like this! Great idea! It really turned out cute.

  5. This is adorable! I need to send it to my mom – she loves making crafts like this and I’m sure from all her quilting she must have scraps that would be perfect for this. – Katy

  6. Danielle says

    That is so lovely! I need to find a way to do something like this with the Canadian flag as inspiration 🙂

  7. Elizabeth Pyo says

    oh what a neat idea! I just need to find some cool ribbon 😉

  8. What a neat craft! I bet I have enough fabric scraps lying around that I could make one of these.

  9. That’s super cool! It’s got this old school, rocker vibe thing happening. I could see that at a 4th of July get together with some old school rock going in the background.

  10. This is so cute! How awesome!!! I’m going to make one for my door this summer. Thanks!

  11. Seriously, SO cute! I want to make this for my house! Such a great idea.

  12. Aimee Smith says

    This is so cute and I bet I have all the stuff to make it! Awesome project!

  13. Mama to 5 Blessings says

    This turned out great, love how rustic it looks!

  14. I love this craft. I might actually give this a try. Thanks for sharing.

  15. this came out great, what a wonderful project.

  16. Kayla @ TheEclecticElement says

    That is such a cute craft idea for the upcoming holiday! Very shabby chic and it looks like it’s very easy to do 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing this great project!

  17. Tammi Roy says

    I love the vintage feel of this, definitely my kinda style!!

  18. What a cute craft! I love making my own holiday decorations.

  19. Heather M says

    I love this. What an eclectic styled flag.

  20. Katy Rawson says

    Oh my goodness, I want one. That is so darling. But I think I will get my Mom to make me one. She’s the family craft master. I would leave this up all year long.

  21. Love love love this!! Fabric crafts are amazing

  22. JadeLouise Designs says

    oh that is absolutely gorgeous! I love it! I want to make one!

  23. Chelley Martinka says

    That’s a beautiful piece! What a wonderful gift for a vet, as well as celebratory for the home!

  24. Taralyn @ Keep Moving Forward says

    Pretty! I love the different materials!

  25. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I love this craft. The flag is so pretty and I think it is very cool.

  26. That’s an awesome flag! I love the look of it. Especially loving that chevron pattern tucked in there.

  27. Lois Alter Mark says

    Love that! Perfect 4th of July project!

  28. Shauna Torres says

    That is just one amazing – one-of-a-kind craft! love the look of it and will have to give it a shot. Thanks for sharing

  29. WhispersInspire says

    OMG, I absolutely love this. This is one of the nicest 4th of July crafts I’ve seen.

  30. Cynthia L says

    I really love this! I think that making something for each holiday is really special. I will be getting crafty in the next few days!

  31. Now that is absolutely beautiful. So delicate and rustic looking at the same time.

  32. TheNewClassy says

    That is absolutely gorgeous! I am pinning this to *attempt* to make one day.

  33. This is beautiful!! We have an American flag theme in our house right now, so I may have to make this to add to it! Definitely one of the nicests flag crafts I’ve seen!

  34. Jennifer Juro says

    I love how vintage this looks. What a great way to be patriotic I would have to leave it up year round though 🙂

  35. That might be the prettiest DIY Fabric craft I’ve seen to date! LOVE this use of fabric scraps – I have so many and need to get going!

  36. Constanza Oller de Moore says

    I love love this craft! I know if I try it will look clumsy but here it looks just perfect!

  37. Sandra Gillan McCollum says

    Super cute and easy, I could do this! Thanks for sharing.

  38. Mommy2jam says

    This is absolutely adorable I really need to do this with my boys. It looks so simple yet classic.

  39. What a great homemade Americana look! I know a lot of people who would love this and a great craft for kids!!

  40. maria @ close to home says

    So cute, my daughter would have fun making this

  41. Liz Mays says

    I love how flowing and soft looking this is. What a neat craft idea!

  42. That is really neat. It looks so elegant.

  43. Debbie Denny says

    That is beautiful. Wonderful design. Love it

  44. Lexie Lane says

    Oooh! Very cool! I love the fabrics. Definitely Patriotic!

  45. Oh that is absolutely wonderful and looks easy to do although I’m sure I won’t be able to. Thanks for sharing.

  46. katrina g says

    That is very cool, i’m not the greatest with crafts but i may just try this anyway.

  47. Love this! I’ve been thinking about some July Fourth themed crafts to make this year and I definitely add this one to my “to do” list!

  48. Jill Mathias Price says

    this is awesome, however I would put the denim square on the top right, so that it looks like a real flag when you flip it 90 degrees. Great project!

  49. That is really cute. I’d love one of these for my house.

  50. scentednights2002 says

    That’s just adorable! What a great idea.

  51. OurOrdinaryLife� says

    That is adorable and your directions make it look doable. Very nice!

  52. WhispersInspire says

    This is so rustic and beautiful. What a gorgeous piece.

  53. this is great I would love to make this

  54. This is such a cute craft! Perfect for the Fourth or for Memorial Day!

  55. Ann Bacciaglia says

    Gorgeous flag and such a cute way to decorate for the holiday. Your instructions and photos are fantastic.

  56. Robin Rue says

    That came out awesome! What a perfect way to decorate for the 4th!

  57. Shauna Torres says

    okay, that has to be the prettiest thing I have seen in a long time. Is the perfect patriotic craft! Thanks for sharing

  58. Chelley Martinka says

    Such a beautiful decoration for the 4th!

  59. JadeLouise Designs says

    I just love that flag! It is so chic and festive! I would definitely hang that up in my house!

  60. Laura Hinckley says

    What a great project. I can’t wait to make this and have everything in the craft room. Happy 4th 🙂

  61. That is so adorable! I would love to hang it up on my door.

  62. That looks great, it’s so colorful! Love that it’s simple to make.

  63. Christine says

    Cute enough to keep up all year.

  64. I really like this a lot. It’s rustic and antiqued looking, which I love. Happy 4th!

  65. I really love the way it’s soft and flowing in design. This is so cute!

  66. That is adorable and I love the rustic look. I need to make more homemade decorations, they look so much better!

  67. Amy Desrosiers says

    I absolutely love this and wish I had one!! I am such a sucker for primitive decor!

  68. That’s such a creative flag. It could be inside or outside with the way it’s been made. Nice job. 🙂

  69. This is beautiful! I love the aged look!

  70. I Love the rustic lacy look to this! Going to make for Memorial Day.

    Thank you!

  71. Jill Taylor says

    thank you for sharing our ladies church group will be trying to duplicate this beauty over the summer.

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    I have to pin this to make for the next forth of July it look so beautiful and easy to make will have to make a few for everyone in the family.


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