5 Amazing Interior Door Ideas Using Frosted Glass That Will Make Your Home Luxurious

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Frosted glass is different from see-through glass that we see all around. It is used in various ways and adds visual appeal to any space. Frosted glass, also known as etched glass is a glass sheet that has been made translucent through acid etching or sandblasting. 

Frosted glass, although opaque, still reflects and transmits light. Apart from acid etching and sandblasting, a glass sheet can also be made translucent through the application of vinyl on the surface of the glass or through frosted glass sprays.

Etched glass is commonly used in places for privacy without obscuring light transmission and as decorative pieces. Instead of opting for blinds and curtains that seem to be out of trends, etched glass, which is modern and trendy, is a better alternative to get some privacy. 

Frosted glass is widely used for its decorative feature. It is obtainable in several styles and colors. This adds some creative effect and visual appeal to your space.

Below are five fantastic d or ideas using etched glass?


It’s a contemporary world at the moment. The contemporary world needs to present solutions. Swing doors have long been used between rooms for ages. Sliding room dividers made with edge glass is a modern solution that adds grace and looks far better than swing doors.

Sliding frosted room dividers open to showcase most of the entire space instead of a tiny fragment that we see with swing doors. Sliding frosted room divider is an excellent option for people who would like to merge the privacy and practicality of a classic layout with the abundant space that an open floor plan gives.

Besides the above, the sliding divider despite being a frosted glass allows light to be reflected into the room in abundance and let’s people in freely. It also serves as a good solution for the movement of large furniture pieces and objects between rooms. They serve as dividers that section off separate rooms when closed while also providing privacy to both sections.

It is an excellent addition for homes with minimalistic interior décor style but is a great addition that fits into industrial chic, eclectic or contemporary styled interiors.


The closet door is a crucial décor element that can score you some style points or make you lose points. A lot of people ignore their closet doors, leaving it dull, drab, and sometimes ugly too. This could detract from the overall style look of the room.

Instantly update your room’s look with a customized frosted sliding glass door for your closet. Opting for etched glass adds a visual appeal and elegant look to the room while also keeping the content of your closet private and known only to you.

The sliding glass doors also brighten up the ambiance of the room, make your room look bigger and promote an airy feel in the room while making your room look organized and free of clutter. 

The sliding door makes it easy for you to gain access to the contents in the closet without stressing yourself. Besides, you can use the sliding door to reflect your taste and also use it to complement the existing décor theme in the home.

You can achieve this by opting for an etched glass in the dominant color of the home’s theme and patterns that reflect your taste in art.

  1. Latest French doors

In the presence of abundant space in a room with French furniture the use of double swing French glass doors is ideal, made with etched glass they will style up your home instantly. The glass can be divided into three or four equal sections to create a classic yet modern look as a result of glass used. It produces the effect of having a door and multipurpose divider in the home.

Double swing glass doors produce interest and a great sense of depth if well designed. This enhances the room’s style and adds some elegance to the overall room décor instead of costing you style points because they take up lots of floor space.

Choosing etched glass instead of clear glass gives you an elegant look that accompanies using glass while providing your home with privacy, a bright ambiance, and the illusion of ample space. 

You can also customize the etched glass to your preference so that it reflects your style while adding a creative effect to your home.


The use of etched glass in sliding doors for bathrooms is popular with luxury hotels. It is fast becoming a trend with homeowners who are also taking advantage of the sleek and elegant designs that frosted sliding glass doors have to offer while also using it as a measure to save space.

Many people have space concerns when it comes to bathrooms in the home. The bathroom, most times, is the smallest room or one of the smallest rooms in the home. Frosted sliding glass doors will free up some space inside the bathroom, which can be up to square footage. 

The use of a frosted sliding glass door opens up your bathroom space with its expansive look. This allows more light and air in the bathroom. It also makes it easy for people to gain access to the bathroom while also providing anyone in the bathroom with privacy.

  1. Pantry doors

Sliding doors are not practical for every space or opening despite the numerous benefits it offers. Kitchen pantries have limited horizontal space opening, which makes swing glass doors the practical option. Contemporary swing door designs can be created in numerous styles and designs, just like sliding doors to get the same elegant and stylish look.

Swing doors made with etched glass is an excellent option irrespective of the décor style touted by the kitchen. Whether the kitchen is home to a modern design set in stainless steel gadgets, a traditional farmhouse décor style, or a minimalistic design, a frosted swing glass door will fit right in. This can be combined with white frames in a conventional setup, or silver or charcoal finish aluminum frames in a modern setup.

If there is limited horizontal space, you can make the opening more functional by installing a double frosted swing glass door instead of a single one. This creates more convenient access to the pantry while making the door more functional. 

The use of etched glass keeps the items in the pantry out of sight and prying eyes while at the same time reflecting light into the kitchen space to create a bright and airy ambiance.

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