5 Awesome Resin Craft Ideas

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Resin art has become extremely popular within the craft world, but it’s no surprise. The art trend taking over the internet is beautiful on the eye and extremely accessible to any crafter of any level. As it requires no drawing abilities, many arts and crafts enthusiasts that lack painting skills have been trying their hand at epoxy resin art, and it’s safe to say there’s no sign of it losing its popularity anytime soon.

With its attractiveness, versatility, and all-around fun creation process, we’ve decided to give you a little inspiration when it comes to your own resin creations.

Read on to discover five of our favorite resin craft ideas, and create your own beautiful masterpieces at home.

1) Elegant Tables

If you’ve got some spare time and fancy taking on a challenge, then why not create a resin table? Not only do they sell like hotcakes online, but they’re also so unique and can be a stand-out feature in your living room. 

Whether you want to create that infamous beach design or simply want to brighten up your old coffee table, you’re going to need good quality materials. Squid Art Epoxy Resin is great for these sorts of projects. Used to obtain a highly durable finish on any of your wood-working ventures, this resin will give you a high sheen gloss and finish on your one-of-a-kind up-cycled table.

2) Vibrant Earrings

Making your own jewelry is one of those crafts that never gets old. Whether you’re creating just as a hobby or you’re planning on starting up your own little business, it can be an enjoyable pastime. 

Resin earrings can be great fun to make, and once completed, they are wonderful to look at. Whether you prefer bright, block colors, or elegant, intricate designs, this is an extremely versatile material to work with.

Moreover, there’s nothing more fulfilling than knowing you’ve made your own set of earrings using resin. By knowing what type of resin to use for jewellery, particularly your earrings, you can make beautiful pieces out of your own creativity and imagination. You can even add some unique details, including colourants and inclusions to make your resin earrings more magnificent.

If you’re feeling even craftier, why not press some flowers to put inside the earrings? 

3) Unique Coasters

Everyone needs coasters in their home — especially when you’ve got young children who throw down their cups on your nice, expensive tabletops.

If you need some inspiration for your coaster designs, many people use gold foil flakes to add a bit of sparkle and elegance to their tableware. 

So, if you’re tired of looking at your table and seeing those boring, worn-out coasters, why not take matters into your own hands and create your own?

4) Colorful Keychains

Keychains and accessories are extremely popular these days. With people loving their own customized designs, they can be great stocking fillers and birthday presents. 

Whether you take inspiration from your resin coaster and use gold foil flakes or go down the earring floral route and add pressed flowers, one thing’s for sure — your keychains will be a major talking point. Everyone’s going to want one. 

5) Evocative Lamps

If you’ve finished your table and are ready to take on another new challenge, then we’ve got just the thing for you—resin lamps.

Once you’ve found the perfect mold and heat-resistant resin, you can start finding inspiration for your masterpiece. If you’re more of the girly type, why not go for pressed flowers and fairy lights? Or, if you prefer more of a psychedelic aesthetic, why not go for bright, bold colors and blend them? 

Bottom Line

Whether you’re looking to expand your craft portfolio or you’ve had some experience with resin before, hopefully, we’ve given you some inspiration and ideas for what to create next.

Working with resin can be a very therapeutic experience, but do remember that it is made with chemicals, so it must be handled carefully.

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