5 Beautiful Flower Arrangements For Every Occasion

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When looking for the perfect bouquet for your friend, lover, or even just for yourself, it can feel daunting to try to pick one out. There are so many colors, sizes, and types that it is overwhelming. This is especially true when you are trying to find the perfect arrangement online. That is why we have procured a list of five high quality flower arrangements that are great for any occasion.

Whether you are saying I love you, I’m sorry, or get better, flowers can speak louder than words to show a loved one how you feel. Consider sending one of these gorgeous arrangements next time someone crosses your mind. They will surely be overjoyed to receive such a thoughtful and lovely gift.

  1. Perfect Pastels

This bouquet, with its subtle coloring, and lush design, comes from high-end flower seller Bouqs. Bouqs offers floral arrangements created and interpreted by local florists to capture the essence and color schemes of the pieces represented on their site. With that in mind, your arrangement may not look exactly like the image, but you know it will be soft, rustic, and crafted with you in mind.

Gentle pastels are a great way to mark any occasion and the cheeriness of these peaceful blossoms will add warmth to even the coldest and darkest of days. This color scheme has a way of fitting in everywhere and also compliments any age of recipient. It is a great way to herald in spring or a fun way to brighten up the fall.

This bouquet also comes with size options so you can really pump up the volume and go with the deluxe size or keep it simple and sweet with the standard 12-15 stems, which is still the perfect size for any dining room or end table.

  1. Roses

You can never go wrong with a handful of roses. Roses are the perfect flower for any occasion and their timeless elegance and beauty always make them a good choice.

With roses, there is so much variety and color that you can say almost anything. Each color even has a traditional meaning if you want to be specific about it. See this list if you want to double check that you aren’t sending an “I love you” rose when you want to say “Thank you”.

You can, of course, simply pick out your favorite colors and arrangements and not worry about meaning. A big bouquet of roses always evokes happiness and shows the recipient you care- no matter the color.

You also will need to decide how many stems you want to include. A single rose can speak volumes, but so can 100. Here is a large bouquet to consider, along with a petite and stylized display. Whatever your choice, roses are admired everywhere and are a perfect floral option for any occasion.

  1. Happy Day

When sending floral arrangements, ones goal is almost always to bring joy to the person receiving it. Whether you are trying to cheer them up, or simply show them how much you care, happiness is almost always part of the plan.

That is why this arrangement from Teleflora is a great choice. It would be near impossible not to smile at these bright and beautiful blossoms. The warm colors pour into you and you can’t help but be overcome by their charm.

Another great feature of this arrangement is the option to add additional items to your flowers. Many floral shops will let you add balloons, candies, or stuffed animals. These extras can be another great way to get your message across and make the recipient feel extra special.

Whether or not you choose to add anything on to your gift, be sure to include a note. A small card, even just to say you are thinking of them, can go a long way. Also, be conscientious of where you choose to send the arrangement. If you are attempting a grand gesture, work is good option. If you prefer to remain low-key, sending or delivering them to one’s home would be a better option. Just consider who you are sending them to and why and the decision should be easy.

  1. Cheery Harvest

Even though this arrangement might appear autumnal, there is no time a year that is not a good time for sunflowers and roses.

Aptly named “Rubies and Sunshine” this bouquet is full of beauty and happiness. The yellow of the sunflowers blends perfectly with the deep red of the roses, and it is all offset perfectly by the mix of dark and light greenery. Sure to make the day of anyone, these flowers are great for any occasion.

This arrangement, with its mix of hard and soft, is a great bouquet to consider for the man in your life whose day you want to brighten. Somehow, many people think that men don’t enjoy flowers. Yet, at the same time, it is almost universally acknowledged that everyone likes flowers. Be bold and step outside of tradition by including men on your list of flower recipients. They may be surprised, but they will surely never be disappointed.

Whoever you decide to gift these to, they will be lucky since this bouquet contains flowers that will last a long time with little care. Both sunflowers and roses are known as hearty flowers, and will happily grace a desk or table for over a week with just a small amount of attention.

  1. An Edible Arrangement

The final great option when you are looking for an arrangement for any occasion is to consider something edible. This lovely creation from Edible Arrangements looks like a bouquet of flowers but is abundantly more practical and delicious.

When you send an along this edible bouquet, the receiver will be overwhelmed by the beauty and charm of the arrangement itself, but then also delighted at being able to actually enjoy it in a whole different way. With fruit and chocolate on the menu who wouldn’t be overjoyed to receive this thoughtful gift?

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