5 Benefits of Green Workplace to Workers And The Work Culture

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Most offices around the world have remained the same for quite a while now. However, some of the biggest companies all across the globe are coming up with the idea of transforming our traditional workplaces.

They are doing so by introducing green spaces in the offices that benefit the environment and have a profound impact on workers and work culture. Here are five benefits of having a green workplace on workers and the work culture.

  1. Improves productivity and boosts cognitive thinking

Numerous studies and experiments have been conducted, including the ones conducted by the University of Exeter and the University of Twente to find the relation between productivity and a green office.

These studies found that having plants in an office can improve productivity by 15% to 20% than usual. More investigations into this matter have found that having plants in an office encourages more work engagement. 

Other studies have found that green offices can improve cognitive ability by as much as 26% and also boost strategy, information usage, and critical thinking.

  1. Motivates employees and reduces stress

As plants disappear from our lives, so do the vibrant colors they bring with them. According to some studies, seeing fewer colors can have a heartfelt impact on our motivation and morale. By adding plants and therefore more color to our offices, we can help our employees stay motivated.

Having plants in the workplace is also linked to causing relaxation and stress reduction in employees. A garden office can go a long way in this regard. Take a look at some of the benefits associated with a garden office.

  1. Better ambiance 

It goes without saying that plants will make your workplace aesthetically appealing and dramatically improve the ambiance. Plants are natural air purifiers that further create a nice aura around the office.

Having more fresh air could also mean cost reduction on air filters and air conditioners. However, you might have to slightly alter your office design to accommodate more natural light and create an environment conducive to plant growth.

Naturally, all this will make your office a better and welcoming place to work. This effect will be more apparent in the new recruits who are more enthusiastic about work.

  1. Promotes a healthy work environment by nurturing positive relationships

Having more plants and abundant natural light will improve the working conditions in your office. With time, you will notice that your employees are healthier than before, and there will be a reduction in sick leaves. More plants may also reduce the overall turnover as employees will be reluctant to move away from such an elegant work environment. 

Plants are also known to induce more collaborative feelings in humans and foster positive relationships among employees. This could be due to the relaxing effect that plants have on humans, which can help break down hierarchy and make them work more harmoniously.

  1. Good for the environment and improves the company image

Finally, as we all know, having more plants is good for the environment as they absorb carbon dioxide, which is a potent greenhouse gas. A bunch of plants in a single office won’t make much difference; however, if this happens across the globe in thousands of buildings, it can have a drastic effect. More plants in a building can also help regulate the humidity levels.

Moreover, it has also been noted that having a green workplace can improve the overall company image. When outsiders or newcomers step into the premises, greenery’s presence can have a positive impact on them. And companies who step out of their way to work for the betterment of the environment are viewed positively.

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