5 Benefits Of Leather Holsters For First-Time Buyers

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Most people who want to purchase a gun holster are not sure about the material selection. The first thing you should understand before buying a holster is to know the reason you need it. You need a holster to carry and protect your handgun. More importantly, it ensures that your gun won’t get pressed unknowingly into your body and also complies with concealed carry laws.

There are mainly four options available while choosing the material of a gun holster. They are leather, synthetic, hybrid, and nylon. Although you will find many superior quality holsters across every category, leather holsters are the best option, especially for first-time buyers. This article will share the advantages of leather holsters and some tips to keep them well-maintained.  

Benefits of Leather Holsters

Many gun owners prefer leather holsters for many reasons. No doubt leather is the traditional material used for gun holsters, but it offers some real benefits. 

  1. Longevity

If you have been using a leather jacket, you already know about the longevity of leather. Along with the durability, it looks better as it becomes older, and that’s where leather material products stand out from other materials. It conforms to your shape as you use it more, and you feel comfortable as you wear it every year. 

  1. Most Comfortable for IWB

Leather material is the most comfortable due to its softness. It’s comparatively softer than nylon, and you feel comfortable for a concealed carry. When you are choosing an IWB holster, you should consider the factor that it should keep tight to your body and push up against your skin. You will feel comfortable to carry a leather holster for long hours as it will not rub the skin. 

  1. Quite Draw

Another major advantage of a leather holster is you can draw the gun without making any sound. When you are drawing your pistol, you want that it should not make a noticeable noise. Therefore, a leather holster is the best choice because it does makes any noise. A hard case will make a distinct noise when you draw your gun. 

  1. Availability of Different Varieties

You will find a number of varieties of holsters in leather for every type of gun. As it conforms to the shape of the pistol, you don’t have to worry about which type of gun you have. That’s why leather products are more popular than any other materials. 

  1. Unique Material 

No matter which animal it’s made from, leather is a unique material from others. Even though many superb synthetic holsters are available, they cannot match the level of uniqueness with leather. As it shapes around the gun, it becomes a custom carrier. Moreover, it retains the piece effectively and securely. 

Tips on How to Take Care of Your Leather Holster

With all these advantages, leather material products need some care in return. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind if you own a leather holster or want to purchase one. 

  • Try to avoid exposure to heat, sunlight, or humidity, dry air for a long time. 
  • You should apply a proper conditioner during low humidity to maintain the moisture.  
  • You can treat it with silicone spray to reduce the friction of the inside surface. 
  • Keep a lawyer like your shirt or a paper between your skin and the leather as your sweat carries some salt, it can damage the leather.


Now that you know the potential benefits of a leather holster, you should choose a good brand and user reviews before you purchase it. Also, check out how a couple built a $3 million company investing $9000 in homemade holsters. 

Hopefully, the above article has given you some insight into leather holsters and how to take care of them. Do you own a holster? Please share your opinion on this and ask if you have any queries in the comment sections. 

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