5 best outdoor activities that will rush your adrenaline

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Many people crave general excitement to make their hearts pound, palms sweat, and goosebumps on their neck’s back. Such people are known as sensation seekers. When endorphins and other chemicals are released in our brains, it brings positive mood swings. For sensation seekers, adrenaline buzz is like drug addiction. Many people adopt different activities. Some enjoy the high-speed car, extreme sports, skydiving, and others try some other activities and games. Let’s take a look at the five best outdoor activities and games for heart racing.

Water Rafting:

White water rafting is a popular water-based activity to give you an adrenaline rush. A rafter uses an inflatable raft to flow from whitewater rivers or rapids. These rapids are graded as 1-5 from flat to high-risk rapids. The River Tay in Aberfeldy is rated as 2 and 3, The River Tummel with its bouncy wave and narrow channels ranks between 2 and 4 plus. For serious rafter, The Mighty River Orchy is the fiercest river in Scotland graded continuously as 3-4 or sometimes as 5. Rafters armed with a paddle propelled down into the river using powerful currents. For your safety use self-bailing rafts, personal safety equipment like a wetsuit, helmet, floating ropes, and bags.

Mountain Biking:

Mountain Biking is another level activity to race your heart. Bikers race on rough mountains, deserts and rocks. They use specially designed bikes. The bikes are 21-inch, 26 inch and 29-inch wheel sizes and they vary in specifications.  Electric mountain bikes are getting popular these days. As a beginner, choose wisely and get training on flat terrain first. For better movement and riding, shift your weight while turning. Use helmet, gloves and safety eyewear, and a repair kit while riding. Enchilada and Santos are great mountain trails.

Escape Rooms:

Escape room games are not just for entertainment, but they can be challenging and difficult at times. There are some strategies to obey while escaping these rooms. In escape rooms, you do not need any equipment. The only thing which is required is your motivation and concentration. When you are with your team locked in a room with hidden clues. You have to find these clues just in 60 minutes. Visit Fox in a Box Escape Rooms London and Experimental E scape Leamington Spa, the best escape rooms where you can find different exciting themes. Now it’s up to you whether you are going to rush or crush your adrenaline.


Jumping from an aircraft at high altitude is another thrilling activity. You can also pull a parachute or free-fall for seventy-five seconds to experience a massive adrenaline rush. It seems a long duration when you have nothing to slow down. In skydiving, the less experienced you are, the more you enjoy. Many people take it as a meditation as it is a mental stimulation to make you focused on a single point. Moreover, you do not feel like you are falling. Instead, you feel like you are floating or flying. To experience skydiving, you must have a skydiving parachute, helmet, safety eyewear, and basic training. Fox Glacier in New Zealand, Hawaii in the UK, and Mount Everest in Nepal is famous for skydiving.


If you want to enjoy underground adventure, caving is a better option for you. In this, you have to explore more wild caves than the show caves. In America and Canada, it is known as spelunking, while in the United Kingdom, it is referred to as potholing. The thought of squeezing through wild dripping caves in darkness is enough to rush your adrenaline. In the UK there are some places like Yorkshire and south Wales where you can experience this adventure.

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