5 Brilliant Garage Organization Tips

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Garage Organization

A garage is a place that’s often considered an afterthought, especially compared to other rooms in one’s home.
If you also treat your garage as a storage room, then you’re not alone. That’s quite a common solution, mainly for big families or people who have specific hobbies. However, it’s crucial to organize everything properly, so you’ll be able to find things when you urgently need them. Here are some brilliant garage organization tips that will help you do this.

1. First, clean it properly

Decluttering is the first stage of any organization process. Because, in order to organize properly, first you need to get rid of everything that it’s not needed. If you have a large garage with a lot of items (tools, exercise gear, and old newspapers, for example), then be sure to invest enough time and effort, so you’ll be able to do everything in one or two sittings. You’ll need at least one full day to make that happen, and go through absolutely every single thing, including those forgotten boxes that have been lying around for years. If possible, turn to declutter into a family project, as that might yield amazing results.

2. Create single-use areas

If you use your garage for different purposes, then one of the easiest ways to organize it is to create single-use areas. For example, if you use the garage to exercise, then be sure to create a workout spot where you’ll put exercise machines, weights, and an exercise mat. Similarly, if you enjoy some handwork, then be sure to make enough room for a large table and all the tools that you use for your work.

3. Make sure that your garage is well insulated

Garage insulation plays an important role when it comes to this topic. Simply, when you insulate the garage, you make sure that it’s going to be protected from heat and cold, which also increases its potential and intended purpose. If you’re wondering how much does it cost to insulate a garage, then rest assured knowing that it’s a feasible project that will benefit your home in the long run. Plus, you’ll save on the energy bills, which is hugely important. Once you insulate your garage, you’ll be able to use it in many different ways, and that will make the organization a much easier process.

4. Some things shouldn’t be stored in the garage

We tend to use garage as a storage space, but some items shouldn’t be stored in the garage. Paper is a magnet for cockroaches and other bugs, so it’s best to keep it elsewhere, such as pantry. Cans of paint should be stored in a place with moderate temperature because extreme cold can ruin the paint. Also, if your garage isn’t air-conditioned, keeping the fridge there will be a huge energy drain. There are also things that are prone to burning, such as propane, for example. Such things should also be safely stored elsewhere. If you must keep them in the garage, then make sure they’re properly isolated and stored, so they won’t be able to catch fire.

5. Keep things off the floor

Using the floor as a storage is fine, as long as you’re practical about it. Otherwise, you’ll end up cluttering the space further. When you free up the space on the floor, that means you’ll have more room for your car and other items. If you’re an avid bike rider, feel free to hang your bikes on the wall instead of keeping them on the floor. This will also make your garage look more organized and also more visually appealing.


Your garage is a valuable part of your home, so it needs to be organized properly. Regular decluttering, insulation and purpose areas will definitely make your garage look tidier and more organized.

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