5 Debt Free Travel Options For Parents

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Parenthood is rough and when you want to travel with your family, most times it means venturing to the grocery stores. There are ways to travel and not get into debt as a parent. Traveling has always been considered a privilege and perceived as luxurious, but it doesn’t have to mean spending $3,000 on travel, shelter, transportation, or eating out. D. Scott Carruthers, travel expert, and photographer, stated that traveling can be exhilarating on a budget. All it takes is a few travel options to stay debt free when traveling. Here’s are 5 debt-free travel options for parents:

1. Book deals months in advance.

Majority of travelers know to book in advance for some things. You want to make sure transportation is taken care of, sleeping accommodations, all luggage is packed, etc. This option is the most important. Flights are cheaper on Tuesdays and months before you are deciding to depart. Skyscanner mentions that the best times to book your trip is in May and November. This works well for parents because in May school is being let out for the summer and in November there is early release and the Thanksgiving holiday.

2. Take bundled deals.

A bundled deal comes with the sleeping arrangement and travel expenses. These are known as Package deals. This option is a great way to save money beforehand so you are not getting into trouble and spending money you don’t quite have to spend. Normally, there is an undesirable option with the package deal paired up with a desirable option. So, you may have two queen bedrooms instead of a villa, but the flight was 50% of the regular cost. D. Scott Carruthers knows about a good bundle deal and says do your homework with searching for them to avoid any mishaps. This works well for parents because you can get combo deals for the adults and the children at a much lower price than adding them on separately.

3. Travel when “in-season” are changing.

There are places such as ski or beach resorts that have certain periods where everyone gathers during a particular time to enjoy the festivities. If you know the destination your family would like to visit and do not care about the in-season crowds, go during the in between periods. Travel experts such as D. Scott Carruthers, recommend this option because rates will drop down for bookings, therefore, the business and ventures around will drop down in price as well. Cheaper rates mean you’re not getting in debt while you’re there.

4. Bring more family or close friends.

Of course, it may have started as a family vacation, but it doesn’t hurt to bring more to cut down expense. There are several travel options that advertise a certain number of people traveling can reduce the cost significantly. This is an excellent way to stay debt free and still travel as a parent.

5. Take the freebies.

Yes, there are travel destinations, activities, and food choices that are free. They may be hard to get obtain, but they are not impossible to grasp. Once you have established the initial cost with some of the above options then you can begin searching that destination area for what is free locally. This can extend your trip and give more time to explore the area.

Author Bio: Adrian Rubin is a climate change advocate and freelance writer.

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