5 Destinations to Spend a Holiday in the Sun in December

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There are many little things in life that create memories. It can be savoring a new dish in a new country or hiring a boat for strolling across the sea. But what if you are injected with a dose of winter sunshine while holidaying?  Believe it or not, it’s undoubtedly one of the most special things on earth that would never disappoint you. A complete winter holiday or exploring a hot summer destination can be boring but when you get a mix of two, you are sure to have good times worth cherishing. So, why not take your sweetheart and kids to a destination where you can have a sensational winter sun holiday?  

If it sounds good, eDreams will ease up your plans and help you arrange a smooth journey. But before that, you need to choose the destination where a winter holiday under the sun can be worth enjoying. The following 5 winter sun destinations will give you a clear picture of how you should plan your holiday:

  1. Thailand – The Land of the White Elephants is a perfect gateway to feel the wintry chills against the sun. In between November and February, Thailand turns out to be the perfect destination in this context. Taking a stroll along the pristine islands will wash away all your weariness while you can hike around Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai for an ultimate experience. Not to miss out is the Thai food culture that will leave your taste buds elated. Tom Yum Kung and Pad Thai are two of the most finger-licking dishes you will love to have. In terms of weather, Thailand is indeed mysterious where you will get snow along with odd downpours along with the sweltering heat of the sun to get a bit tanned.
  • Flights hours – France to Thailand – 12 hours 15 minutes
  • Cost of living in Thailand – 50,000 Baht per month

2. The Canary Islands – If you hear people saying that The Canary Islands have the world’s best climate, trust them because they are right. Comprising seven main islands along with smaller ones, The Canary Islands keep attracting visitors from all over the globe owing to their unbreakable bond with the sun and the snow. Among the hotspots, Tenerife is popular for the volume of tourists it brings while Lanzarote will stun you for their volcanic landscape and local culture. Nature lovers and beach hoppers are sure to love this place a lot.

  • Flights hours – France to Canary Islands – 4 hours
  • Cost of living in the Canary Islands – 400 USD in urban areas and 500 USD in rural areas

3. Maldives – Picturesque, sizzling and vivacious, Maldives is counted among the most outstanding locations to have an unforgettable winter sun holiday. Surrounded with beautiful small islands and tourist motorbikes, this bustling city has everything you will want for pleasure. Despite being a tiny island, Maldives is full of bistros, fish markets, and restaurants where you can spend some relishing gastronomic hours. The Hydroponics Garden Walk is a wonderful activity that will bring in a splendid display of flora and fauna.

  • Flights hours – France to Maldives – 12 hours 5 minutes
  • Cost of living in Maldives – 3,000 USD

4. Dubai – The amalgamation of clear blue skies and winter sunshine is what you will love witnessing here at Dubai. Be it taking a leisurely stroll along the Jumeira Beach or shopping in Mall of the Emirates, witnessing the light and sound of the Desert Rhythms Festival or watching the entertaining camel races will make you come back to this destination again and again. 2nd December is the Dubai National day on which sports lovers can watch some traditional falconry and stay entertained. The delicious street food is certainly one of the major attractions here.

  • Flights hours – France to Dubai – 6 to 7 hours
  • Cost of living in Dubai – 75,000 AED to 100,000 AED per year

5. Australia – One of the world’s most beautiful countries, Australia deserves to be in the list of winter sun holiday destinations. Right from witnessing unbelievable fireworks from the Sydney Harbour to drinking the finest wines at the European bars in Melbourne, Australia has some great surprises for holidaymakers. December and January being the hottest month in Australia will surely be worth visiting.

  • Flights hours – France to Australia – 6 to 7 hours
  • Cost of living in Dubai – 21 hours 35 minutes

Now that you are done with the list, book the best hotel and buy a plane ticket at the best price taking help of eDreams.

Happy Holidaying!!

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