5 Essential Toddler Camping Gear

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Camping is fun for toddlers. Just the idea of sleeping under a tent, watching the blazing star outside, and setting up a campfire, raise goosebump in a majority of kids. 

So, there is no better holiday distraction for your little one than to take them camping, especially on the beach. 

But what can make a camping adventure more memorable than having the right gear? In my view, the answer is nothing, and that’s why I think the camping gears on my list are a must-have. 

The truth is that choosing a camping gear for a toddler is never easy. Toddlers are always on the move, trying out different things. So, they need the best equipment to either protect them or make the camping adventure more comfortable and funnier. 

Here are five essential toddler camping gears to invest in:

Toddler Camping Chair

If your toddler is 2-3 years, the chances are that he or she sits unaided. So, the little one deserves an awesome outdoor camping chair. 

Toddlers require a more comfortable and safer camping chair, and so you have to shop wisely for it. For example, the chair should have good ground clearance for your little one to access it with ease. 

It should also have a steadfast harness feature to secure your baby when seated. Others come with safety locks that are just as effective as the harness systems. 

Top recommendationBaby Delight Go With Me Chair

Here’s why:

The Baby Delight Go With Me Chair comes in a lightweight, portable design that’s great not only for seating but also for standing and playing. 

It comes with a sun canopy to shelter your toddler against the sun’s UV rays and a 5-point harness function that securely holds your child. 

The chair is quite comfortable and comes with ample storage for your kid’s camping supplies. It also comes with a tray for holding your toddler’s snacks and a convenient, stylish carry bag to carry it on the go.

So, yes, the chair is foldable to fit into a carry bag. 

  1. Multipurpose Stroller

Would you wish to have a baby stroller that also doubles up as a jogging stroller? How about having the flexibility of pushing it manually and pulling it using a bicycle? 

Well, that’s possible with a multipurpose stroller. This beach gear keeps your toddler warm when camping outdoors while also providing them with a super-comfy place to take a nap. 

A majority of them come with ample storage to allow you to stuff all your toddler’s camping supplies.

Top recommendationSchwinn Child Bike Trailer Double Baby Carrier with Canopy

Here’s why:

The Schwinn Child Bike Trailer Double Baby Carrier with Canopy conveniently converts into jogging or walking stroller. It comes in sturdy steel construction to carry two kids. 

The trailer attaches perfectly onto your bike to allow you to pull your toddlers gently and safely. But still, you can push it as a regular stroller. 

It features a protective canopy that shields your toddlers from the harsh weather and has large balloon tires that move over sand almost effortlessly. 

  1. Portable White Noise Machine

In as much as camping is fun for toddlers, it tends to deprive them of a natural sleeping environment. There’s some good news, though. You can create white noise in your camping tent to help your toddler grab some sleep. 

I’m talking about using a noise machine. It’s a must-use in a camping tent since it helps your toddler to adjust quickly to the surrounding changes. 

Top recommendationWavHello SoundBub White Noise Machine

Here’s why:

This rechargeable sleep sound soothing machine features six white noise sounds that you can use to soothe your baby to sleep in the outdoors. 

It also allows you to play your music through its app and share voices from other family members that the toddler loves. So, it’s perfect for family bonding. 

The noise machine easily attaches to a toddler camping chair or stroller. Its powerful battery can last your baby a night. 

  1. Camping Child Carry Backpack

If your toddler is 2-3 years, the chances are that you carry him or her on your back most of the time. How about you bring them most fashionably and safely to the camping site? 

I’m talking about using a child carrier, which also doubles up as a camping backpack. These baby gears come with ample storage for the toddler’s camping supplies and are readily portable. 

You’ll also find them very adjustable to suit your height and body sizes. More importantly, they are safe for toddlers. 

Top recommendationOsprey Poco AG Plus Child Carrier

Here’s why:

The Osprey Poco AG Plus Child Carrier comes in a lightweight aluminum design for convenient carrying. The aluminum framework also provides a stable platform for you to place the child carrier down comfortably. 

It features an adjustable double harness for securing your toddler, and the child seat is well surrounded by a padded cockpit that also guarantees safety. 

There’s an inbuilt shade hidden in a zippered pocket that allows you to protect your toddler against the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The child carrier comes with enough external storage pockets. 

  1. Camping Toddler Bed

After a long afternoon treasure-hunting or sun-basking with your toddler, the little one would probably be tired enough to take a nap. Instead of just allowing them to sleep on a beach mat or sleep bag, which may not be comfortable for the little one, consider a toddler bed. 

These outdoor beds are excellent when you already have a family tent in place and can be used by kids from infancy to toddlerhood. They come bug-protected and are breathable to allow your toddler to sleep comfortably. 

Top recommendationKidCo P3010 Peapod Portable Indoor Outdoor Travel Bed

Here’s why:

KidCo P3010 is suited to kids between one and three years. The travel bed comes in a lightweight design that serves both as a mosquito and bug screener while also facilitating free airflow. 

The camping toddler bed comes pre-assembled and features a micro sleeping mat that is super comfortable for your toddler. The unisex travel bed is available in cranberry, tangerine, sunshine, and two other color choices. 

KidCo P3010 comes with anchor straps to hold it firmly on the camping grounds. The travel bed is suited to both outdoors and indoors. 


Overall, you need a toddler camping chair, a multipurpose stroller, a white noise machine, a child carrier backpack, and a travel bed to make your toddler’s camping experience better. So, it’s time you grab these essentials. 

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