5 Health Plant Based Meals

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Since many people are obese in the United States, a movement for plant based meals has accelerated throughout the last years. Many people deny eating meat anymore, and some of them have become vegans, meaning that they also reject consuming any animal or fish-based protein like cheese and eggs. 

This short article will guide you through five of the most popular meals made from plant proteins and sugars only. It will be fantastic to realize how tasty and healthy these meals could be, and you could integrate them into your daily diet right away.

1-Cauliflower Steaks

We all know cauliflower and admire it for the natural fibers it gives us, as well as its unbeatable, crunchy taste. However, fewer people know that instead of boiling it, you can cut it into larger pieces, and oven-grill it to create the so-called cauliflower steaks. Some people use some coconut flour to make the cauliflower have some rough shape when being in the oven. The final result could be delicious and give you the impression that you are eating a real stake, even though there is no meat on the plate.

2-Smoky Spiced Veggie Rice

Since ancient times, rice has been the essential nutrition meal for almost every known civilization. Today vegan people can prepare a fast meal together at the office that combines spiced veggies and steamed rice. You have an option either to boil the rice alone and then add the veggies. The other alternative would be to cook them in the same frying pan using some soya oil and other spices and make them smell perfect. The rice can share some of its sugars and fibers with the vegetables like peppers, baby corn, peas, and others to give an unbeatable flavor. 

3-Ubergines and Vegetables on the Grill

Every meal that contains aubergines and mixed vegetables can give extra flavor to your table and make you forget about hunger. The aubergines can get broiled to perfection and take the place of meat proteins. Vegetables mixed with aubergines can bring their sweetness and give you a complete meal. People who regularly consume this meal can receive more complex vitamins and get enough plant proteins to make them look and feel better.

4-Lentil Fritters

Lentils are very famous in the Mediterranean countries and South America. Lately, dieticians from the United States have decided to include them in their healthy plant meals, thanks to their enormous nutritional content. The fritters are easy to cook since they are nothing more than boiled lentils baked with coconut or almond flour to give plant-based meatballs. They entered the frying pan for a quick deep-frying procedure and served hot to make you less hungry than before.

5-Vegan Tacos

Many Mexican people have insisted on creating tacos using only plant proteins. These tacos usually have carrots, corn, mushrooms, and lettuce, making it impossible for people not to like them. You can prepare the outer tacos dough with almond flour, and the veggies could be more delicious than traditional meat sauce. Some cooks also add red kidney beans to the recipe to give more plant proteins and better meat-like substances to the vegan tacos.


Today, people don’t exercise much, which is why plant-based meals are necessary. Adults should turn to the vegan way of life because of health issues and their inner beliefs about meat and global warming.

If you want to stay healthy and look more beautiful than ever before, you need to divert your nutrition towards meals made from plants. Every plant meal can give you enough calories to survive and add years to your life expectancy.

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