5 Instagram Reels Ideas To Kickstart Your Food Blogs

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Instagram Reels

Today, Instagram is no longer a hidden secret among brands and businesses. It works as a popular feature with the user base for sure. Are you a food blogger on Instagram? If yes! You have the chance to build your Instagram accounts as a food blogger. By creating engaging Stories, IGTV posts, and Reels content. Meantime, you may think of sharing your food recipes on Instagram. If so, you have got the best option to try Reels. Next, if you have doubts about succeeding your food channel on Instagram Reels? For this, the best suggestion would be to start your Instagram Reels marketing venture. There are several tactics for food bloggers to try on Reels. Since then, as a food blogger, you can drive your user engagement. Above all, try to buy instagram impressions earnviews that improve your organic reach as an Instagram food blogger. As a result, you can improve your profile visibility and audience growth.

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5 Instagram Reels Ideas To Kickstart Your Food Blogs

1. Post A Recipe Reels

Are you starting as a food blogger on Instagram? If so, you have the chance to create your food recipes for your channel. You can even record short Reels videos of your cooking. Even post your baking recipes to enhance your food blogs using Instagram Reels. The best feature about Reels is that they don’t have to be original or creative. Yet, you can record them using a DSLR camera. Also, make use of your smartphones to record your Reels videos.

For example, Pinch of Yum, a food blogging channel on Instagram, creates Reels. Thus the Instagram channel focus on creating different Reels on their account. Often, the Instagram channel likes to add Reels to their feed page to boost their new recipes. Before a few months, the Pinch of Yum team has been tweaking their Reels tactics. It shows a quick sneak-peek video of a specific food recipe with funny music and text overlays.

2. Do Recipe Reels With Voiceovers

Several food bloggers share their food recipe Reels with text overlays and music. Now, you can consider making your food blogging with voiceover on your Reels. By including the voiceover, you can guide your viewer in making your food recipes. Also, you can try to add some details, personal tips, and hacks to cook on your food recipes. Also, while creating Instagram Reels, you can record your voiceover within Instagram. You can even adjust the volume range for the camera audio and music background as per your limit.

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3. Showcase Tutorial Reels On Cooking

Beyond food recipes, you can try sharing cooking tutorials Reels. Make sure to share your chopping, dicing, and mincing hacks. Add some tips on boiling tofu, meat, and egg. If you are an expert at decorating cakes, fruits, and dining tables, then do Reels on those using tutorials. Try to cover every aspect of cooking knowledge you have with you.

For example, Benjamin the Baker does baking on his Instagram account. He shares Reels that connect to the science of baking with visuals to explain the details.

4. Create Comedy Reels Or Memes

Everybody likes to enjoy a meme on Instagram Reels. There are several methods where you can make memes or funny videos as a food creator.

You can put your twist on a trending meme or think about sharing a funny recipe fail Reels. You can get the chance of grabbing your followers who enjoy funny Reels and might even find you relevant.

For example, The Fit Peach shares several types of Reels on their Instagram account. Also, she has funny Reels with the captions “Tell me you are a foodie” without notifying me you are a foodie. She proceeds to display baking pumpkin spice scones and listening to Christmas music.

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5. Make Reels On Entertaining Or Satisfying Content

Last strategy! The food bloggers had their success outcomes when sharing amusing or heartwarming Reels. For example, Chelsweets sometimes show time-lapses of baked food rising in the oven. Also, they share some relaxing music with genuine and satisfying content to look at. Her recent video got 1.8 million video views on Instagram.

Bonus Tip

Do BTS Reels Videos

Are you starting your food blogging for your business? If yes! Then you can show how things work behind the scenes in your food processing business. For example, how do you cook your food recipes, how do you pack, or how do you deliver your food orders?

Every customer will be curious to check your preparation as it drives engagement. Some of the brick-and-mortar food businesses, cafe’s and hotels do BTS Reels. So, they can urge their customers to become hungry on their doors.

Final Fact

In a nutshell, I hope this article will help you with the best ideas and motivation to start your Instagram Reels as a food blogger. Try to follow every strategy to drive engagement and reach.

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