5 Mistakes PR Companies Make When Emailing Bloggers

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Every company wants its product or services to be covered by the best bloggers to ensure that the information shared reaches a big audience in a good way. A blogger can ignore your email and you will be left wondering why things are going wrong. Bloggers act like any other media reporter and coverage of your story will depend on how you present it and yourself. If you are looking forward to have your story end up in your favorite bloggers’ site, avoid the following mistakes when emailing them.

  1. Emailing Anyone

When emailing your story to a blogger, make sure that at least one or two individuals you are emailing know you or your brand. Every blogger receives numerous stories a day, and this means that the chances of being chosen are low. A blogger who knows you might trust your story because they know your credibility. Also when you know each other, you will manage to craft your story exactly the way they want it, therefore, increasing your chances of being chosen.


  1. Avoid Over-Contacting

Once you send your first email or after making a call, do not keep on calling the blogger because you will make them lose interest immediately. Nancy at Behrman owns one of the successful PR agencies, and one thing she says is that people should not rely on old tactics to succeed in this industry. Being persistent can work in some activities but nagging will make you look desperate, and the blogger can also avoid your future pitches.


  1. Do Not Beat Around The Bush

Bloggers receive a lot of emails every day and therefore will not have time to read through your lengthy content. You need to go straight to the point, be brief but catchy. When they say catchy, however, it doesn’t mean that all your stories must have a headline with ‘breaking news’ phrase in it. This is an outdated trick. It is one of the reasons why Nancy and Behrman said that companies need someone who can give them unique services. She maximizes on creativity because it is what the industry lacks.


  1. Follow Up But Do Not Be Repetitive

Once you send your email, you can leave them a friendly voicemail or a short follow up email to remind them about your story after a day or two. However, avoid calling over and over or sending the same story to them as a reminder. It is okay to send an update of your story as a follow-up or in a different format. It is a big mistake, forgetting to follow up on your story.


  1. Careless Mistakes

As a PR company, you should know that grammar and spelling errors can land you and your clients in a very deep failure. The public does not appreciate such errors, and this means that if the blogger realizes you are making such mistakes, they will not consider your stories. This also includes writing false information in your pitch.


About Nancy Behrman

Nancy at Behrman is a successful entrepreneur whose main focus is on brand building. She is the founder of a creative PR agency, Behrman Communications which has been very successful in brand publicity since the year 1985 when it was established. Nancy and Behrman have worked with big companies and individuals such as Kiehl, and this has led to the tremendous success of Behrman Communications. The services they offer include strategic planning, public relations, brand elevation, and social media marketing. In all these, creativity is her greatest strength.

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