5 of the Best Reasons to Get Dog Insurance

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It often seems like nowadays, everywhere you look there’s a different kind of insurance being offered to you. And they all claim to be of the utmost importance, critical to have. Health insurance, car insurance, life insurance, renters insurance, homeowners insurance, dental insurance, disability insurance… the list goes on. And now, you can add pet insurance to the list as its popularity rises. More and more dog owners are jumping on the dog insurance train, and you may be wondering, is it worth it? Should I follow suit? Or is it just another way I’ll be throwing money away on a regular basis?

Insurance can be a tough sell. It can feel like you’re paying for the worst case scenario, paying for what you really don’t want to happen, in advance. No one wants to think about the what-ifs of when you might find your dog facing an emergency surgery, a car accident, or a serious illness. But unfortunately, planning for the worst can be necessary, and neglecting to do so will likely leave you wishing you had. As someone whose dog has been saved by an emergency trip to the vet, I can tell you there has never been a moment when I regretted getting dog insurance. And if you’re on the fence like I once was, here’s some of the best reasons why you should get it, too.

Your Dog Is Part of the Family

If you’re reading this article and even considering dog insurance, I’m willing to bet that you yourself have health insurance, and that if you have children, they do too. So why draw the line there when it comes to your family? Most people consider their pets a part of the family. Some even opt to adopt pets instead of having kids themselves. But regardless of your family’s makeup, you likely consider your dog an integral part of the group. So if you realize it’s important and necessary to insure your family members, then add your dog to the list. Dogs aren’t necessarily any more or less likely to need medical care than you or your family members are; like with humans, it depends on the individual dog, its habits, its genetics, and its health history. So if you’re paying for health insurance for your human family members, all the while likely hoping you won’t really have to use it (but you never know), it simply makes sense to tack on dog insurance as well. Why draw the line at your dog’s health when it comes to being part of the family?

Your Dog Has a Taste for Adventure

One factor that often convinces dog owners to get dog insurance is their dog’s behavior. Is your dog adventurous? Does it like to run and play? If so, much like with children, there’s always the chance of injury. If your dog is adventurous on its own, or if you bring your dog along on many of your own adventures, it’s worth having dog insurance. Just like with people, some are more prone to accidents than others, and this often has to do with the situations we put ourselves in. Physical activity is great for your health, but it can also lead to injuries or even freak accidents. The same goes for dogs. So whether your dog is likely to go on a rampage around your yard, or you take him on regular hiking trips, you might want to make sure he’s covered in case an injury occurs.

You want to protect your finances

The bottom line is, you’re probably going to take your dog to the vet and get him the care he needs, when he needs it, regardless of whether or not he’s insured. Whether he’s acting skittish about a body part, or he swallowed something he shouldn’t have, or he’s gotten himself into a much worse scenario, you’re going to get it taken care of. If you’re reading this right now, you care enough about your dog to even consider getting dog insurance; that shows that you’ll be making the trip to the vet when necessary whether you end up getting insurance or not. So why not protect your finances and save yourself thousands if or when an emergency happens? If you know that you’d do anything to keep your dog healthy, (or in the worst case scenario, alive) when the time comes that he needs some medical care, and you don’t want to be caught off guard with a massive vet care bill that will cause you to dip into your savings, then just get ahead of the game now. It’s a small price to pay to protect your dog and your finances.

You’ll Have A Healthier Dog Overall

People don’t often consider that insurance offers more than just medical care when an accident happens. From regular check ups to dental cleanings to vaccinations, preventative care is a major bonus of dog insurance that many often overlook. If you get dog insurance, it’s not just about waiting around for your dog to fall ill or become injured; rather, you can even take steps to prevent some of these things (illness, not necessarily injury) and do so at a much cheaper cost than if you didn’t have insurance. Various dog insurance plans offer different levels of preventative care, and you can get ahead of any potential catastrophes by taking advantage of that. Dog owners are much more likely to keep up with regular check ups if their dog is insured. For a healthier, happier life for your dog, get him on a dog insurance plan.

It’s Simple!

While the message here is that if you’re going to insure yourself and your family, why not your dog, there’s one difference between getting dog insurance and human health insurance: dog insurance is simpler. There’s no open enrollment periods and no policy numbers to worry about. You simply sign up for a plan that works for you, whether that be just accident insurance or accident & illness or whether you want to add preventative care for either of them, then you select what kind of premiums and deductibles you want to base your plan on. Once you’re in, you’re in, and you can simply make your vet visits and get your dog cared for, then submit receipts online or via email for reimbursement. It’s a more streamlined, simpler process overall than nearly any other kind of insurance.

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