5 Online Pet Products Worth Splurging On

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Most pet owners would agree that their furry friends deserve the world. They provide us company and joy in life, so isn’t it fair to return the favor? Now and then, our pets deserve a little surprise and extra love to show our appreciation. And, let’s face it–a gift for your furry friend is also a gift for you because a happy pet equals a happy pet owner.

From dog toys, cat bow ties, feeders, comfy beds, and fancy leashes – it is all accessible through dog shopping websites. Pet supplies stores online have an abundance of options for you.

Elevated Feeders

Hiddin’s Acrylic Pet Feeder. Source

If your dog is a messy eater, you might consider investing in an elevated feeder. Elevated feeders keep your pet feeding area neat and easier to clean. No more cleaning up spills on the floor, and they also prevent dog bowls from sliding around. On top of that, they prevent bloating and aid in better posture by placing less strain on your pet’s neck, hips, shoulder, and joints. These benefits are essential to your pets of advanced age and those with orthopedic conditions.

The height of your dog’s elevated feeder may vary depending on its size, but it is recommended to have a feeder the same height as your dog’s lower chest.

There are plenty of dog shops online that offer high-quality, water-resistant, durable feeders. It’s all a matter of finding one within your budget.

Many pet owners expressed their love for this chic acrylic feeder for its clean, modern look. Their clear elevated feeders come in different sizes with lead-free, stainless steel bowls for your small and tall fur babies.

Pet Gates

Our pets are like children; precious, but they can wreak absolute havoc in your home when left unattended. Especially when dealing with new puppies, their curiosity might come at the price of your shoes and furniture. Fortunately, there is one online pet product that will be your new saving grace: pet gates.

Pet gates block off areas of your home that you wouldn’t want your dog to venture into and even double as a playpen. What’s more, is it provides a safe environment for your dogs to run around that is clear of any potential hazards.

There are plenty of pet gates available on dog shopping websites, so there are several options for pet products. Whether you have a big or small dog, the height and width you need the gate to be are essential elements you need to consider. And of course, while durability plays a part, you would not want to compromise the aesthetics of your home.

The Hiddin clear freestanding pet gate is a must-have. Since it’s a clear gate, it gives your pet a sense of inclusion, rather than them seeing through barred gates, and it’s a great substitute if you would like to avoid wood or metal gates that clash with your decor. Additionally, it’s a freestanding gate if you don’t want to deal with setting up a wall-mounted one.



Dog Crate to Gate. Source

While we’re on the topic of providing a safe space for your dog that doesn’t necessarily exclude them from their environment, it’s worth mentioning how enclosed spaces can help your dog relax.

Most professionals recommend crate training your dog from a young age. Especially when working with curious puppies, crates can save you a lot of trouble. Crates can come in handy, especially during travel or holidays when your house is bustling with people.

When selecting a crate, durability should be one of the top qualities to look for. Large dog breeds, in particular, have no problem plowing right through. So, the quality must be good, and the material is sturdy.

These clear dog crates save your dog the unpleasant sight of metal bars and instead gives an unobscured view. Each acrylic panel can be disassembled for easy storage and assembled into a freestanding gate. Due to its modern chic design, it could pass as part of your house decor.

Dog Beds

dog beds

Hiddin’s Round Dog Bed. Source

While your dog can curl up and sleep practically anywhere, a dog bed can make them feel even more at home. It provides your furry friend their own space to retreat to when they want to rest and be alone. And if you prefer not having your dog cozy up to you on your bed or furniture, a dog bed will give your furbaby a place of its own.

For senior dogs with arthritis, orthopedic dog beds can help relieve pain and discomfort. On top of that, dog beds also help keep your dog clean. Floors are not the most sanitary, as much as sweep, mop, and vacuum. Dog beds make clean-ups more efficient than tidying the whole floor, as most come with features that make them easy to dust off.

This round dog bed is washable and soft to provide maximum comfort for your dog. It also includes a clear acrylic base that will blend with the bed’s subtle beauty. On top of that, it is also available in customizable sizes.

Modern Chic Pet Items

When shopping for dogs online, it’s a time saver if you’ll shop for its accessories too. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone!

Pet items and accessories are usually only offered in kiddush patterns or plain colors, and they can be tacky or unattractive. However, it doesn’t have to look unappealing to be functional. You and your pet deserve to have the option of staying aesthetically pleasing without compromising functionality. Hiddin offers practical pet products that maintain the harmony of your space.


Looking for a dog shop online can be a task if you are picky with the things you would offer your pets. But it can even be more of a challenge if you also have a knack for interior design. Pet products such as crates and gates are apparent in space. So, picking something functional and fashionable is a must – that is what Hiddin is for.

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