5 Reasons Why You Should Retire in Jacksonville, FL

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Jacksonville is the largest city in the continental United States thus providing us with an abundance of reasons why anyone would want reside there. This fun loving and active city is prime real estate for those who are looking to retire. If you are looking for a place filled with culture, recreation, and plenty of activities Jacksonville, Florida is the place of interest! Let’s go through 5 reasons that make Jacksonville a place for you to sit back relax and retire!


  • The Diverse Food Makes This Place Great For Your Pallet!

Jacksonville is extremely diverse in what they have to offer in terms of food. Whether you are in the mood for Italian, Mexican, Chinese, or classic American this major city can provide for you! There are so many different options of fine dining, local cuisine, and cheap eats Jacksonville has it all.

What is the most popular type of food in Jacksonville? Sea for yourself! Because Jacksonville is local to North Atlantic and St. Johns River there is no short supply of delicious seafood. Jacksonville is commonly know for a diverse set of options for your choice of food.

Are you tired of the same food options? Are you ready to step into the sweet life of whatever you want whenever you want? Craving something delicious?  Jacksonville can provide! Pick from a plethora of great restaurants that will meet any of wildest food desires! For suggested restaurants  visit Jacksonville and experience the good life.

Retire here and you can eat great everyday!

  1. Love Being in the Warm Weather? Jacksonville Can Be Your Permanent Vacation Spot!

If you are anything like me the idea of sitting back relaxing in the florida sun, drink in hand, is nothing short of pure bliss. Jacksonville is an ideal area to retire for the weather alone. No more shoveling snow or worrying about the weather being bad, negatively affecting your day plans. In Jacksonville all months of the year are wonderful, in the month of december you can now celebrate your holidays poolside in 75 degree weather relaxing and enjoying life! Now doesn’t that sound like the life for you!

In recent months there have been a few hurricanes in Florida, but have no fear Jacksonville is located in the northeast corner of the states, making the likelihood of a hurricane less likely to ruin your day at the pool.

  1. Tremendous Opportunities to Get Out There And Be Active!

Are you ready to start your life, your best life!? Jacksonville can help you live your life to the fullest. And now that you have your work out of the way, let’s jump into something fun and interesting!

Jacksonville is rich in activities, whether you want to hit the beach, go to the mall, or even join a book club Jacksonville is where it’s at! Retirement in Jacksonville is nothing but fun for you and even the family!

Spend the day in the city, at the beach, going to a museum, and many more. Explore all 840 square miles of your heaven on Earth in Jacksonville Florida!  Stay active and be happy !

  1. Older, Wiser and Still Just As Fun!

Enjoy your retirement immersing yourself with Jacksonville’s culture and arts. The city offers a wide variety of opportunities to learn and enjoy what’s around you.

Whether you’re going to the Museum of Contemporary Art, The Florida Theatre or even walking through the city’s Art Walk; you will experience nothing short of  Jacksonville’s unique culture and Arts.

Experience something more in your retirement in Jacksonville, Fl . There is no other place that can provide this unique fun loving sophisticated culture and arts.

  1. Are You Ready to Settle in Yet?

At this point I know you’re  already packing your bags to move to Jacksonville, I know I am!  Living here doesn’t just give you great food, weather, activities, and a unique culture and arts. It gives you a home. Retiring here is a no brainer. We Live our Values, we value what Jacksonville has to offer and why wouldn’t you it’s perfect for the next phase of your life. Offering diversity, fun and the relaxation you need lets find homes for sale in Jacksonville Fl .

I know that cost of living is on your mind, no one wants to be worried about money in their retirement. One of the most beneficial factors of picking Jacksonville as your home for retirement is that it costs a fraction of what it costs to live in most other cities.  So start packing! This is your day to retire!

A regular home mortgage comes with monthly payments, which may be difficult for you to pay if you are on a fixed retirement income. A reverse mortgage works in the opposite way by providing you with money each month. You can use that money to live comfortably during your retirement, but there are several reverse mortgage disadvantages and advantages to consider. For example, the loan will accumulate a lot of interest since you won’t pay it off right away. However, not having immediate repayment obligations and retaining ownership of your home for as long as you live on the property may benefit you. Also, if you pass away your family will not be liable for the loan balance, but the home may be sold in order for the lender to recover some or all of the owed funds.

Start your new life with perfection. See you there!

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