5 Reasons Why Every Child Should Have a Pet

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A cat and dog sitting on the grass.

One of the most common items on a child’s Christmas wish list is a pet, and usually a dog at that. While many parents try to avoid the issue as long as possible because they fear their child isn’t ready for a pet just yet, the truth is, pets can be an amazing addition to any family. If you are on the fence about getting your child a pet, here are five reasons why you might want to do just that.

1. A Source of Comfort

Kids have emotions just like any adult and there will be times when they need a bit of comfort as well. Maybe mum is dealing with the baby or dad is off to work. Perhaps they’re upset about being in a squabble with a friend they don’t feel like sharing right now. One thing which families fostering in Scotland understand, for example, is that foster kids are often not quick to open up to adults in their lives. After all, they’ve been let down too many times. That sheep dog they’ve grown attached to can often give them the comfort broken kids can’t seek elsewhere just yet.

2. Pets Encourage Responsible Behaviour

Caring for a pet teaches your children to act responsibly. Let them be in charge of taking the dog out for a walk, making sure their water bowl is always filled and feeding them at mealtimes. Kids can learn to clean up after their pet makes a mess and can learn that dogs and cats need affection just like they do. If you want to teach your kids responsible behaviour, a pet is the perfect solution.

3. Learning Lessons About Life Cycles

One of the best ways for your children to learn about the various stages of life is in having pets. They learn about reproduction, illness, death and even old age. This has helped many children understand what happens to an elderly grandparent that passes or an uncle who was killed in a motor vehicle accident. They learn that babies are born and need to be nourished but at some point, our journey on this earth comes to an end. Pets can be the easiest ways to teach kids about the ‘facts of life.’

4. Making Exercise Fun

While some children are hyperactive beyond the point of your endurance, other kids are the stereotypical couch potatoes. With that joystick stuck to their fingers and a never-ending game on the Xbox, it would take a construction hoist to get them off the sofa. Because dogs, for example, need their daily run, kids can have fun getting out for a bit of exercise they don’t even know they are getting.

5. A Friend That Will Never Betray Their Secrets

Finally, what kid do you know who doesn’t love telling secrets? Even so, some of their secrets they just don’t want anyone to know so they keep them bottled inside. Pets are the perfect recipients of those secrets kids really want to share because they will never break a confidence.

Dogs are often the best pets for kids, but even cats, rabbits, hamsters and birds can make good pets as well. If you are still undecided as to whether our kids are ready for pets, these five reasons should lead you quickly to your local pet shop. Watch how that pet helps your kid to blossom. It’s amazing.

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