5 Reasons You Should Get Corian Countertops For Your Kitchen

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Solid surface countertops have been in the market for around 50 years now, almost never going out of trend. The reason being there exceptional quality and reasonable price! If you’re looking for something wallet-friendly but don’t want to settle down for laminates, a solid surface is the right material for you! From ease of maintenance to beautiful and intricate designs, they offer a great cost benefit. 

Also going by the name Corian, a solid surface countertop is perfect for achieving a seamless look that resembles natural stone and is non-porous. If you are looking to remodel your kitchen, here’s why you should get solid surface countertops for your kitchen

1. Non-Porous & Homogenous Surface

It’s not possible to get a perfectly non-porous surface, but Corian is as close as you can get, quartz being the second in line. Unlike natural stone, which is a wild and chaotic conglomeration of particles that form the slab, Corian is relatively smooth and beautiful. 

According to Kitchen Infinity’s corian vs. laminate chart, corian has a more stable base as compared to laminates that are mounted on a medium density fiberboard. Corian has a seamless surface from top to bottom, which means that is the same all the way, creating a beautifully homogenous product that was the main concept behind the invention of the material. The benefit of this homogenous property is that it makes damage repair easier as compared to any other countertop material. 

2. High Durability

Not a fan of frequent kitchen remodels and spending money on damage repairs? Corian can be your best friend! Another advantage that corian surfaces have over natural stone or laminates is that since it is non-porous, it does not require sealing and doesn’t get damaged really easily. They are resistant to stains, scratches and any elemental damages like UV exposure.

Of Course any material will require some amount of care, but corian countertops can get by the minimum! 

3. Easy Maintenance

Regardless of the material you have, you should clean and care  for your kitchen countertops regularly. Corian Countertops paired with a polished finish will never wear out. The sheen will stay until your next kitchen remodel. All you need to do is clean your corian countertops regularly. Be careful not to use common cleaning products if your design is a quartz version made to resemble natural stone. 

This ease of maintenance comes with the non-porous property of corian surfaces, unlike granite, marble or limestone.

4. Easy Damage Repair

Any material is prone to some sort of damage due to cutting or high mechanical impact. But what matters is how easy it is to repair it. In case of natural stone, once cracked, it can only be repaired by a professional. Since they are porous materials, they need delicate care. But you don’t worry about that large scale damage repair cost with Corian countertops. Any scratches can be easily repaired using an orbital sander or a fine grain sandpaper that don’t require the help of a professional and saves you a good sum of damage repair costs. 

5. Versatile Design

If you don’t want to depend on pre-set designs that the store has to offer, Corian can be made into a custom design of your choice. When it comes to corian kitchen countertops designs, choices are endless. 

If you’re looking for a marble like design, you can get a cool white base that has gray veining and ultrafine speckles, giving you a beautiful classic look. Corian can also be made to resemble concrete with soft colors that pick up beautiful gray tones and looks perfect with a farmhouse style kitchen! There are many choices you can take with corian surfaces, from resembling marble to natural stone, the world is your oyster!

So if you are looking to resurface your kitchen countertops and want a beautiful design along with durability and easy maintenance, Corian countertops are your way to go. 

Getting a high quality surface like corian will also add to the resale value of your house and the overall glamour of your kitchen! 

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