5 Signs It May Be Time For Your Parent To Move To Assisted Living

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Watching a parent grow old is a strange thing. You’re happy to have as much time with them as possible, but sometimes as they age the roles can start to flip and suddenly you are the one caring for them. While not every senior needs assistance, for those struggling with health issues their daily routine can be quite challenging. But how do you know the time is right for your parent to move to an assisted living facility? When should you have that discussion with them?

Here are five signs it may be time for your parent to move to an assisted living facility or at least begin the conversation.

Your Parent Isn’t Able to Keep Up With A Daily Routine

One of the most obvious signs that assisted living may be the right choice is that your parent can no longer handle their regular activities. These can be things such as bathing, getting dressed, making meals, eating and keeping their house clean. If you start to notice these things being ignored, it’s time to take a closer look.

Medication Management Becomes Difficult

Does your parent take one or more medications daily that are imperative to their health? Do they often skip or forget to take a dose? This can happen over many days, which can be even more detrimental to their well-being. Medication management can’t be taken lightly and is often a big driver in moving a parent into assisted living.

They Have Had Multiple Falls And Accidents In The Home

Falls and accidents are a huge risk factor for seniors, and if there is no one there to help them, it can be extremely dangerous, and even life-threatening. A serious fall can land your parent in the hospital, or worse.

They Are Suffering From Loneliness

It’s also important to weigh up the mental benefits of assisted living facilities. These facilities act as a community, giving your parent a social network that they can depend on. They won’t feel trapped in their home alone and without conversation for what can be days or even weeks on end. Many of these facilities offer enrichment programs and organized social activities to promote a sense of community. Loneliness will be a thing of the past.

Your Parent Lives Far Away And You Aren’t Able To Help

For those who may not live close to their parent, you can end up feeling helpless as you can’t be there with them as much as you like. You may constantly worry about their safety, which is stressful for you and them. Look for somwhere that is comfortable and safe just like those you would find at an assisted living in Chesterfield facility and other upscale subdivisions in the country.

Moving your parent into an assisted living facility isn’t something that should be taken lightly. There is a lot to consider and they should also be involved in the discussion and decision. For many families, it ends up being the safest, most comfortable and smartest choice. 

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