5 Surprise Gift Ideas For the Women in Your Life

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It can be quite overwhelming to choose surprise gifts for the woman you love. Your mother might have never asked you for any present, but you could surely express your love by bestowing her with a specific item she needs. Or, you could amaze your significant other with a personalised gift item that will commemorate your relationship. Here are some definite tips to help you out.

Guide to giving unexpected presents to your loved women:

  • An e-book reader the book lover: For the bookworm girlfriend, or the loving mother who instilled the habit of reading in you, gift an e-book reader, preferably a Kindle on their birthday. It can be a handy and less expensive alternative for her to store her books, both read and to-read. Otherwise, if she prefers the texture and characteristic smell of the pages of a paperback or hardcover edition, check out the latest instalment in her favourite series or gift her with a collector’s edition of the book she has had long and fond memories with.


  • The long-cherished statement piece: Jewellery affects all women, emotionally, professionally or personally. Jewellery can augment the style statement of a woman, especially if it is in gold.


Check out the latest gold pendant designs for female to engrave both of your names on it or gift the hardworking woman you love with gold bangles design for daily use which will withstand the wear and tear.

  • A warm woollen coat or blanket: Giving a well-woven woollen blanket or a fur coat is another thoughtful gesture to care for your loved ones. Even faux coats and gloves are there to suit your budget if real fur seems too expensive. What can be better than warming your beloved’s nights up with some real wool?
  • A monthly subscription to her favourite streaming site: The new generation loves binge-watching television series. Surprise the tech-savvy women in your life who would love a jaw-dropping thriller show or a slapstick comedy on their tablet with a gift card from a major online streaming service for one or two months after the trial period. Even better if you could break the news that you covered their streaming service subscription for the whole year.
  • Self-care:  Nothing can be better than a good prepaid manicure or a day at the spa, like Greentoes North Tucson Nail Salon, for the women who toil all day. Whether a homemaker, a work-from-home or corporate professional, every woman will love this act of pampering. A few hours at the salon for a facial will allow them to detoxify the skin and feel more rejuvenated. You can also buy them a make-up kit from their favourite brand and enliven the set with an Eau de perfume of their choice or a face mask that suits their skin type. 

When it comes to buying a gift for women relatives, personalisation is always best. Whatever you want to gift them, be aware of their preferences so that the surprise has that dramatic impact that you desire. The suggestions mentioned above will give you a clue on how to express your care through a token of love.

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