5 Things ONLY German Shepherd Dog Owners Will Understand

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A long haired german shepherd is a very loyal, courageous, confident, and intelligent dog; the dog forms a very strong relationship with its owner. The bond that the long-haired german shepherd and owner share is so strong that there are few things that can only be understood by someone who has a long-haired german shepherd of their own.

One of the few things that only a long-haired german shepherd owner can understand is the dog’s intelligence. The dogs are very smart and fast learners. The long-haired german shepherd in the right hands can easily be trained because of their fast learning qualities. The dog can notice the pattern of things that happen in its day to day life and act accordingly. The long-haired german shepherd has a strong will to keep its owner happy, and so he acts in a way that pleases the owner. The dog is very obedient, and with training, it can distinguish between the thing that is liked and disliked by the owner. The long-haired german shepherd should play brain-challenging games.

Another thing that is common among the long-haired german shepherds is that they tend to convey their love and thanks through their mouth. Justifying its name shepherd conveys their passion for the others by mouthing them. The long-haired german shepherd loves to mouth and chew stuff. Any stuff that can fit in the dog’s mouth ends up being chewed. If proper training is provided, then you can save your furniture and valuable items from being chewed. The dog can be trained to chew only its chewing toys if necessary. The energy of the dog can be directed in a positive direction.

One thing that the long-haired german shepherd is very famous for among the breeders are its sleek and shiny long hair. German shepherds with long hair looks stunning, but they have some drawbacks too. Every time you brush the hair of the long-haired german shepherd, they shed. The hair that the dog sheds is in a large quantity, and the hair also requires a lot of care. You can easily find the dog’s hair everywhere it goes. The trail of hair can be traced to your furniture, floor, and even your clothes. Constant vacuuming is required to remove the hair from all the places. To reduce the shedding, the hair needs to be properly washed and brushed at regular intervals.

The long-haired German shepherd is highly energetic and playful. The long-haired German shepherd requires a good amount of exercise every day. The dog needs to be taken for long walks or a run. From time to time, the dog can be taken to the park for a playful hour with fellow dogs. The owners can also use dog toys to play with the dog. Some sort of game should be played, or exercise should be done daily with the dog to burn off all the energy that builds up daily. If the owner fails to provide a sufficient amount of workout to the dog, then the dog gets the energy out in a manner that is not in favor of the owner. The regular exercise also makes the long-haired german shepherd happy.

The long-haired German shepherd is a fearless and confident dog. These qualities make it a good choice for a house dog. The dogs become very friendly with the owner and become committed towards the owner’s safety. The dog has natural protective instincts, so the dog needs to interact with others and become more comfortable around strangers. The german shepherd is a very loving dog.

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