5 Things To Do After an Automobile Accident

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Most people do not want to get into an automobile accident. No matter what the circumstances are, it is not a pleasant experience. Property may be damaged badly, or people may be seriously injured. After being in an accident of any type, make sure to contact the police, notify the insurance agency, obtain medical care, tell others and keep paperwork organized for later use.

1. Speak With Police Officers

Police should be notified of collisions as quickly as possible so they can respond promptly. They can make sure everyone involved is helped properly and write down statements about what happened. Police officers can administer some basic medical care until paramedics arrive and also assist other emergency personnel as needed when they come to the scene. A copy of the police report they will draw up should be obtained and checked for accuracy afterward.

2. Notify the Insurance Company

The insurance company should be informed of the incident and provided with all the relevant details as soon as possible so that a claim can be opened. Maintain regular contact with the agency until the claim is resolved to ensure things are going smoothly. Be on the lookout for any subrogation letters that may arrive in the mail, and contact an experienced lawyer to look over the document if one does come.

3. Seek Medical Attention

Even if the damage to the vehicles is minor, injuries can still be sustained by the people who are inside of them. Any pain or discomfort may not appear immediately, making it possible for people to wake up in pain a day or two after the incident. Go to the doctor for an examination to catch any issues before they have a chance to worsen. Keep a copy of all doctor’s visits, prescriptions and other medical documents that are related to the accident.

4. Inform Others

If the accident happened during the commute to work, then the employer should be contacted. In some cases, people will not be able to work due to injuries, lack of transportation or other complications involving the accident, so the employer should be informed of any time off work that will be taken and given an estimated return date if one exists. Any household members or emergency contacts may need to be called in case they will be needed to do anything, such as retrieve items from the vehicle, make phone calls or assist with the daily routine.

5. Keep Paperwork Organized

The resulting insurance claims or potential lawsuits could last for a long time before being resolved. Keep all of the paperwork together in one spot and carefully organized to be easily accessible. If important documents become lost or destroyed, getting a replacement may be difficult or impossible, so keep things in a safe location. Get an accordion file to assist in the physical organization of the documents and scan them to retain extra copies.

It can be difficult to remain calm directly after a car accident has happened. Try not to panic and remember to contact the authorities and evaluate any injuries that may have been inflicted.

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