5 Things You Need to Know About Moving to California

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Every year, many Americans flock to the beautiful state of California to chase their dreams or simply enjoy the warm, sunny weather. However, before you decide to move to the Golden State, there are a few things you should definitely know. Here are five things you should know about moving to California.


California is known for its warm, dry weather, but you should be aware that the climate differs between Northern California (NorCal) and Southern California (SoCal). California covers a vast area of the US, and the northern part is noticeably cooler and wetter than the south. Therefore, if you’re thinking of moving to California, you should consider your weather preferences as cities in the south, such as Los Angeles, San Diego, and Bakersfield, are much warmer. If you love sunny weather, then check out these homes for sale in Bakersfield.

Cost of living

One of the main downsides of living in California is that the cost of living is much higher. In addition, taxes in this state are considerably higher, so you should definitely look into this if you’re hoping to move to California. In particular, the income tax rates are some of the highest in the country, but this isn’t the same for property taxes.

Job opportunities

Although the taxes are higher, you’ll find many more job opportunities in California, which could help you earn a lot more money than you could in other states. If you’re hoping to make a name for yourself in the entertainment industry, there’s no better place to go than California (and Los Angeles in particular), and if you work in the tech industry, you could be making a lot of money in Silicon Valley. Additionally, agriculture is a huge sector in California’s economy, so there are plenty of jobs in more rural areas too.


As the third-largest state in the US, California boasts huge, sprawling cities and vast areas of countryside. This means that you’ll definitely need a car to be able to travel around this massive region. Even if you live in a city, it can be difficult to walk or get public transportation due to the dominance of car infrastructure. Los Angeles is particularly notorious for the huge number of cars in the city and the subsequent traffic issues, so if you’re thinking about moving to this city, you need a reliable car and a lot of patience.


A large percentage of the population in California speaks Spanish, so it may be worthwhile for you to learn this language if you don’t know it already. You probably won’t face any issues if you don’t speak Spanish in California, but you could be excluding yourself from potential opportunities in your professional and personal life. It’s also very enjoyable and rewarding to be able to speak another language!

Moving to another state is a huge change, so you need to be prepared before you can make this life-changing decision. If you’re thinking about moving to California, make sure you listen to the advice in this article and do thorough research.

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