5 Tips For Choosing The Best Mykonos Villa

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Greece is one of the most amazing destinations you can choose for a vacation with friends, family, or even by yourself. It offers a variety of activities on many of its islands including nightclubs, restaurants, sights, and beaches that will give you a memorable tourist experience. Among the many islands that offer this experience is Mykonos, a destination popular for its beaches and windmills in little Venice.

Mykonos is accessed by a flight to its airport where you can explore the rest of it via rented car, or public buses if you are not in a hurry to get anywhere. It has something for everyone, from exciting nightlife to pristine beaches and gorgeous sights. You can stay in Mykonos town to enjoy the famous sunset colors that this place is known for. Before heading there, you will need to keep some things in mind for an uninterrupted, fun, and enjoyable holiday on Mykonos.

Choose your location wisely

Location. Location. Location. We all have different needs and expectations during our travels and these will determine what kind of location we will choose while staying in Mykonos. Depending on the kind of experience you are looking for, you may prefer a villa close to town or in the more remote village areas. Whatever the case, you want to choose a stunning villa with unique features, like those offered by The King of Villas.

If you are someone looking for proximity to nightlife and looking to meet new people and socialize, you will probably be inclined to get a place closer to the town, possibly within walking distance to the beaches. If you are looking for a secluded and tranquil experience, you will want a more remote place with a pool, less noise, and more peace.

Choose the time of your stay

Seasons matter a lot when heading to Mykonos. Since it is a very popular destination, there are times of the year when the tourists come in droves. Summer is one of the most popular seasons as most people take their vacation days from work during this time of year, and kids are also out of school. If your goal is to meet as many people and socialize with the crowds, you can head to Mykonos during the high season. This is especially attractive for tourists looking to enjoy the nightlife and meet several people. The off-season is less crowded and is a good time for people with families that want to take a quiet break from their busy lives.

Know your budget

All trips need a budget. Creating a budget means you have to know when Mykonos is cheaper or more costly, and what special offers they may have during the different seasons. Since summer is the most popular season, expect prices for accommodation and activities to be more expensive. Compare that to late spring and early autumn when prices become more competitive and affordable. There are many options for different budgets which you can get to know by doing some research on different seasons of the year in Mykonos. A budget will help you enjoy so much more without any hiccups. 

Know your style

Villa styles will differ from person to person. You will need to know what kind of interior or exterior works best for you. Other details you will need to know are the number of rooms, their sizes, bathrooms, and whether you would like a pool. These will help narrow down the experience you would like and compare it to what you can afford. You can find a place that fits your style the closest while staying within your budget.

Choose your company

Your travel companions can make or break your trip. If you love to party, you will want to go with people that enjoy exploring the local nightlife. If you want peace and serenity, you need to choose people that will want the same thing. Bad company can ruin a great trip. You need to figure out whether the villas will suit your groups of people, such as kids, couples and disabled people. 


Mykonos is one of the most amazing islands you can enjoy during your travels in Greece. It offers many beautiful beaches, nightclubs, restaurants, and sights to see. Before venturing on a journey to Mykonos, you need to know your budget, style of housing, the kind of company and the best location to suit your plans. Planning ahead will make your experience more harmonious and worth the journey. 

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