5 Tips for Creating Your Own Custom Embroidered Hat

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Customizing merchandise is a practice that has been happening since time immemorial. Businesses have been using this idea to advertise themselves. Of all the merchandise used, the custom cap printing tops the list as the most iconic. At Richardson Hats, creating a custom embroidered cap is now easier. We help individuals and businesses gain the skills to bring their ideas to life.

When designing a cap, you work towards achieving two goals: build something that will showcase your identity or brand and create a design that will appeal to your potential clients. Your end product should be eye-catching. With that said, below are five tips that will help you navigate your way towards creating the perfect custom embroidered cap;

1. Pick the Right Hat

Not everyone can rock a top hat, and not everyone can wear a dad hat either. Whatever cap one chooses to wear depends on the occasion, climate, sport, or even preferences. A lot of factors have to be considered. Before settling for any cap, ensure you consider all the available options. You can choose from a variety, such as snapbacks, sun protection hats, beanies, visors, dad hats, trucker mesh, or bucket hats.

 If you’re branding it for yourself, it should suit your preference. If you’re doing it for another party, consider the target audience, brand image, or the institution you’re designing for. Whichever the case, choose wisely.

 2. Keep it Simple

Embroidering is a more complicated procedure compared to printing. These two procedures are quite different. Since hats have smaller space than other clothing like t-shirts, bags, or aprons, the embroidery process will require fewer colors and perfection. Smaller and sophisticated designs will be hard to carry out as compared to the simple ones.

It is advisable to keep the design simple and precise. This simplicity will make the embroidery process simpler with your slogan or logo, making it more outstanding and unique. Neat and bold designs with thick threads are the better option.

 3. Choose Your Embroidery Type

Considering the embroidery type, you have two main options to choose from. There is the flat embroidery and the three-dimensional (3D) puff. The 3D puff type has the embroidery thread raised on the cap, while the flat embroidery has the line lying flat. The three-dimensional puff technique is more eye-catching since it’s bigger and bolder. It is intricate to pull off. It would be best if you used it on primary pictures or lettering. On the other hand, flat embroidery is more suitable when you want to put fluid writing on your cap or get a more detailed image. 

 4. Colour Choice

When choosing a design, it is prudent to limit the maximum colors one can use per cap. That rule also applies while selecting a design. If you decide to settle for multiple colors on your cap design whatsoever, ensure that you have already planned how perfectly they will complement one another. As stated earlier, a simple design with fewer colors used will be more effective.

 5. Placement

You have already come up with an attractive slogan or an excellent design for your cap at this stage. What’s left to figure out now is where to place it on your custom hat. An eye-catching and bold slogan or logo would look better when situated on the front side of the cap. Most people don’t know that there are other less famous places one can place a logo.

It can also put it on the side or behind the cap. The reason why this may grab people’s attention is due to its creative and unusual nature. It breaks the monotony. On the other hand, you can place a smaller logo on the side and a bolder one on the front. Whatever place you find suitable, you can set your logo there.With the above tips, creating a customized cap should not be a problem anymore. If you have an idea and what to bring to life, the above information should be your stepping stone towards achieving your goal. In case you need professional help or guidance, then look no further. Our team of experts can teach you how to design your customized cap or do it for you as per your specifications and directions. You can also order our caps either blank, embroidered, or with screen-print. Visit us at Richardson Hats for more information on everything hats, including bulk orders. We are at your service.

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