5 Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe & Mobile After Orthopedic Surgery

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Sadly, pet owners can’t monitor their pets all the time and stop them from everything. There comes the point when their joints and bone problems start appearing. Pet orthopedic surgeons may recommend orthopedic surgery for your pet to copeup with them. Once your pet has undergone orthopedic surgery, this is the time when it needs your attention and care. With proper care, you can help your pet recover quickly. This article highlights the top 5 tips that can keep your pet safe and mobile after a surgery.

Here are 5 useful tips that are effective when it comes to keeping your pet safe and mobile after the surgery. 

  1. Use a Dog Muzzle 

If the wounded area is within its reach, your pet is very likely to lick it. This may infect the wound and lead to an unpleasant situation. So it’s important to stop your pet from licking. This is when a muzzle comes in handy. You can use one to prevent licking. They are available in the market, and you can easily buy one for your pet. People use muzzle for vaired reason but an injury is a legitimate reason to use one.

  1. Keep it Away from Stairs

Always make sure that your pet has no access to the stairs in your house. We can’t stress enough that your pet should be kept away from them. When you’re away from home, make sure there is someone monitoring your pet or install a safety gate.

  1. Cover the Slippery Area

A slippery area doesn’t impose a threat when your pet is healthy. However, when they’re sick, a slippery floor may harm them. They can suffer a severe injury if left unattended, which is why you should always be there to monitor your pet. To cover the slippery floor, you can use rugs with rubber backing or simply cordon that area off.

  1. Create a Safe Place for Your Pet

Find a quiet place for your pet where it can rest easily. You should start preparing your home even before the surgery is completed. An ideal place is one that is quiet and where chances of your pet hurting themselves are minimum.  Large wire dog crates are a good option when it comes to confining your pet to a restricted area. Not only would it be able to sleep peacefully, but it will also keep your pet isolated. If you have more pets at home, keeping it away will give it time for some well required healing.

  1. Maintaining Mobility

Maintaining mobility is another crucial part of your pet’s recovery process. Once your pet has completed its confinement period, you can start by taking it for walks. Be mindful that it will take some time to recover. It is important to exercise but don’t overexert your pet. 

Your pet needs your attention once it has undergone orthopedic surgery. With proper monitoring, you can fasten the healing process of your adorable companion. Just be mindful that your pet will take some time to get back to normal and that is totally acceptable. As soon as the incisions are healed, it will be back to the routine.

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