5 Top Career Picks for Business Graduates

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Earning a business degree is the perfect way to work on specific transferable skills required to work inside a business environment. Business degree holders can develop knowledge and valuable skillsets to leave a positive mark in the corporate world. There are various business degrees that candidates can undertake, with a bachelor’s followed by a master’s being a common educational pathway. Often, a business degree will cover subjects like management, finance, accounting, and entrepreneurship. Such topics perfectly reflect a business degree’s multidimensional nature and show the critical aspects required to run a successful business.

Nowadays, almost every company wants to hire business professionals as they are the ones who ensure business operations run smoothly. Usually, there are two types of degrees in the business field; BBA and MBA. A bachelor’s in business administration takes around four years to complete. After that, a master’s of business administration is a two to three years degree program. Upon completion, the best thing about choosing such degrees is that you will have many career options that you can select. Corporate business-related jobs are available by the tons. And today, in this article, we will share some top business-related career choices with you. You can take a look at them down below:


Acquiring a business degree can open up a wide variety of career choices for you, and one of them is becoming a business analyst. A business analyst is responsible for helping companies improve their services, software, processes, and products. They conduct data analysis to determine what is working for the business and what requires improvement. Another vital part of the job is to bridge the gap between business and IT to improve an organization’s efficiency regarding all business operations. They also utilize algorithms to predict patterns, review data and convert it into a readable form. It allows decision-makers to make better and more informed business decisions.

Although some people might say that when talking about a data analyst vs business analyst, they pretty much do the same thing. However, they cannot be more wrong. True, they both work with data. But a data analyst only converts raw information into a digestible form. In contrast, business analysts use such data to make strategic business decisions. While working as a business analyst, you can expect to earn anywhere from 48,000 dollars to 84,000 dollars per year on average.


You might wonder why a healthcare sector job is mentioned inside an article talking about business-related careers. A healthcare facility is similar to any other business. A healthcare administrator makes all the critical business-related decisions for them. They usually manage human resources, budgeting, accounting, business laws, information technology, ethics, all functions covered in a business degree.

Suppose you want to work inside a healthcare facility but do not want to take on a care-provider role. In that case, you can earn a business degree and apply for a healthcare administrator job. You can utilize analytical, teamwork, presentation, and communication skills to improve the healthcare system. According to the BLS, you can earn around 100,980 while working as a healthcare administrator. Also, expect a growth rate of about 18 percent from 2018 to 2028.


Imparting education to college and university in dubai students about the business world is a perfect fit for business degree holders. You will need to acquire certificates if you want to become a teacher, though. However, it is quite a noble career choice as you will be responsible for molding tomorrow’s business leaders. To be successful as a business teacher, individuals will need to call upon their knowledge in the accounting, marketing, and finance field. Strong interpersonal and verbal skills are also a must to engage your students inside the classroom.

According to the BLS, a business studies teacher’s annual salary is around 61,000 dollars per year. You can also expect a growth rate of about 4 percent from 2018 to 2028.


Information systems managers, sometimes also known as IT managers, direct, coordinate, and plan computer-related activities inside a company. They also determine the long-term information technology goals of a business and implement computer systems to meet these goals.

Other duties of an information systems manager include;

  • Ensuring the security of networks and electronic documents
  • Learning about technological advancement related to the company’s computer system
  • Training its IT team, and much more.

To become an information systems manager, other than a bachelor’s in business administration, you will also need an MIS degree. However, many student counselors are asked; what is an MIS degree, and what career pathways does it offer? A management information systems degree is suitable for candidates who want to take on more of an IT-based based managerial position in an organization. According to the BLS, an information system manager’s average salary is around 131,000 dollars per year.


HR specialists usually handle essential business-related functions. These include recruiting, screening, and interviewing potential employees. Their primary duties include maintaining communication between managers, team members, and assistants, conducting salary negotiations, and helping employees with benefits. They also try to resolve any conflicts and issues related to the employees’ jobs.

To become an HR specialist, you will need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in business administration, along with a specialization in human resources. However, many companies expect you to earn a master’s degree as well. The average salary of an HR specialist is around 51,600 dollars per year.


Like any other degree program, studying for a business degree requires time, effort, and commitment. However, once you complete it, it will prepare you for a career path with endless possibilities. It might be challenging to find a job in such a market where millions of business degree holders are present. You have to persevere and find a role that suits you best and allows you to display your skillsets in a professional setting.

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