5 Trendy Leather Jacket Styles For Men

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No outfit is complete without a jacket. Be it summer or winter, jackets are always in style. It might be a bit tricky to choose an outfit for a particular season because all four seasons can literally happen in one day. Jackets are your ultimate prizefighters. You can mix and match them with clothes that you pigeonholed as seasonal. They are fashionable and practical in terms of design and style. They are also edgy, fancy and versatile. 

Jackets were initially introduced in 1900s and were worn by aviators and military men. The contemporary style of jackets was first featured in a Harley Davidson advertisement. These jackets were filled with an aura of warmth and a sense of protection for men. Now, it has become a fashion statement to rock. We have listed down few versatile jacket styles that you can wear all year round.

  1. Biker Jacket

The ultimate jacket for the mavericks out there. It has the edge to it that makes men feel at their best and confident. Asymmetrical and close to the body, it is one of the timeless jacket styles for men. It can be paired with formal or informal wear and still make you look like James Dean from Rebel Without A Cause. It is just the right jacket which gives that rugged look and is simply sleek than most jackets. 

Biker jacket is surely a cool choice. You can opt for it from brands like lyrevo jackets to get access to a collection of biker jackets in unique cuts and designs. You can go for a lightweight traditional black biker jacket over an Oxford shirt or t-shirt, and ditch the tie you are wearing. You can rock a brown biker jacket on a winter night out with your friends and enjoy each moment with ease.

  1. Suede Jacket

It’s very hard to remember the time when suede jackets became the left field choice. Every man should have at least one soft and short suede jacket at his disposal. It is a low-key luxury style in your wardrobe. A suede jacket in blue and black is always a safe choice to pair up with any outfit. If given the choice of suede pockets along with it, it can really enhance your style. The idea is not only to look handsome, but suede jackets are also very practical with their handy designs. 

The ‘70s hues hold a long-lasting impression on our mind when it comes to that buttery-soft jacket. All the brown hues, orange and cream colors are an interesting choice and can easily take up a slot in your style. It’s a sophisticated classic style that you can immaculately wear to your work. Suede jackets are enough to sway off anyone with their warm tones and soft texture. 

  1. Bomber Jacket

In WW2, the flight jackets actually became known as the bomber jackets. It was the go-to jacket to be worn in open cockpits and had the warm touch. It has become pretty famous since its appearance in timeless cult classics. Bomber jackets are diversified in terms of material, from leather to shiny nylon, and they would still look great either way. Bomber jackets are more casual than other jackets, and this is the reason why bomber jackets never go out of season.

Although bomber jackets are very simple in style ? with their cuffs, fitted waist, a center zip and a cropped body – they are still not out of style. They can be paired with raw denim and a t-shirt, and you will still outshine anyone in the room. Bomber jacket is a key wear in men’s wear for all the seasons. They just freshen up the look with safe color palettes. 

  1. Fur Jackets

Choosing a fur jacket is not an easy task. It surely is a flattering style on a man. Everyone will notice a man in a fur jacket; they are amazingly warm and bring a shine to your eyes. Choosing the right color for fur jacket is extremely important because it can either enhance your complexion or make it look dull. Don’t be afraid to keep on trying different colors and fits before deciding on that one special fur jacket for yourself. Check some styling tips for men and see what you look best in.

Fur jackets are a luxury statement when it comes to extravagant fashion. They go well with rich and deep colored trousers. Fur coats are for winters and autumn season, so layering is a crucial aspect to roll with that flamboyant jacket. Jackets with fur trimmings are also a perfect choice for all seasons. Pairing them with the perfect business wear and walking into the office looking fabulous is just what you need. 

  1. Hooded Jackets

Designer hoodies have moved from adolescent item to the style of a well-dressed man. It has always been regarded as the uniform of champions. Men who wear hooded jackets do feel more powerful and energetic. It was introduced to keep the sportsmen dry and warm in miserable weathers. Hooded jackets have become the symbol of comfort for all who wear it. 

Men can wear a cashmere hoodie for a day out in the city and still look sharp. Hooded jackets with zip work great on t-shirts, slim jeans and a pair of trainers. Hooded jackets are not only comfortable, but they are cool too. With softer fabrics, men look clean and at ease in their attire. A hooded jacket is the perfect outerwear for all the seasons, especially if you want to flaunt those kicks with a different color palette

Final Thoughts

It’s tempting to decide on the style of the jacket you should wear to a night out and to the office, but no one complained about ever having too many jackets in the wardrobe. The way jackets elegantly wrap themselves around you is enough to choose them for all the seasons at any given time. 

Our list of different jacket styles is just an excuse for you to remain cool and look cool all the time, so you never have to compromise on your style. Jackets will surely boost your confidence when you walk in the room and make you look extraordinary. 

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