5 Types of Student Accommodation You can Find in Sydney

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Student Accommodation

Sydney is one of Australia’s largest cities and the capital of New South Wales. As per recent data, around 264,778 international students came to New South Wales. They need a comfortable place to live when studying away from home, which gives them security, comfort, and independence.

Here are six types of student accommodation with a full description that you can find in Sydney. You can select any available student accommodation in Sydney as per their preferences and budget.

Purpose-Built Student Accommodation

Purpose-built student accommodation is perfect for students to live in. They are generally located on university campuses which makes commuting easy for students. You have various room options like a single bedroom in shared and studio apartment rooms. Purpose-built student accommodation has several features like

Robust Security

The accommodation has electronic card access to all areas, 24×7 onsite support, and CCTVs installed on the premises.

Free Unlimited High-Speed Wi-Fi

High-speed Internet is a necessity for research work and submissions in higher education. These student accommodations have free unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi access in every room, and students can sit and study anywhere in the apartment without worrying about Internet connectivity.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and experts mention you should never skip it. Students usually skip breakfast when staying away from home due to their busy schedules. Purpose-built student accommodation also offers breakfast on the go..

Choice of Locations

Purpose-built student accommodations are built at convenient locations closer to universities and campuses. You can find these accommodations in different locations within Sydney city like Broadway, Central, Central Park, Chatswood, Redfern, and Summer Hill.  

Gym and Exercise Area

Exercise should be part of your daily routine to keep the stress level and help the student maintain a healthy lifestyle. The student accommodation offers a resident-only gym only a few minutes  away from the residence.

Social Spaces

Students living away from home need to socialise often to prevent feeling homesick. These accommodations have dedicated social spaces where students can mingle while studying or during a break. In addition, it gives the residents a common place to meet and greet and maintain good relationships with other residents. 

Homestay Programs

As per recent census data, Sydney has around 2,816,815 households where only English is spoken at home. Homestays programs are a living arrangement where students live with local hosts or families during their studies. The homestay program can include basic rental room arrangements or complete host immersion where the student becomes part of the family and stays like a family member.

In homestays, the student living with the family joins them for meals and participates in their daily activities. Therefore, homestays are a good opportunity for international students, and they get good exposure to different cultures.

University Managed Houses

Sydney is home to six Australian universities and several host campuses. University-managed houses refer to properties off-campus that are rented by universities from landlords and subleased to full-time students. The properties are generally reserved for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th-year students, but 1st-year students can also apply for these university-managed accommodations.

Private Rented Houses

Privately rented houses are owned by institutional investors, landlords, and property companies. Students can lease these privately rented houses from landlords directly or through rental companies managing these houses.

Before renting such accommodations, students need to consider security aspects. Also, make sure the landlord has completed inspection and testing of the electrical installations by a registered electrician.

Private Halls

Private halls refer to shared flats or studios similar to university-managed houses. The only difference is they are managed by private companies which rent out these to students. Therefore, private halls are considered part of privately rented houses, and most of them have modern facilities, private kitchens, and high-speed Wi-Fi essential for student life. 

These are the five types of accommodations for students in Sydney. The price of these accommodations and the facilities vary. Make sure you balance costs and amenities when choosing suitable student accommodation.

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