5 Ways to Adjust Your Pet to a New Home

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When you adopt a pet and bring them home, or if you’ve moved to a new home, no matter if they’re a puppy, adult, or senior citizen, there’s always an adjustment period for them. Not only are they in a new place, but they don’t know who you are, who anyone else in the home is, and they don’t know what to expect. Below are five ways to help your pet adjust to a new home.

Create A Familiar Space To Make Them Comfortable

If possible, bring a toy, blanket, or bed that they already had and use it to create a new space for your new pet. This personal space gives them a place to go if they’re feeling overwhelmed.

Be sure to put their belongings in a quiet area where they can still see what’s going on. They can be by themselves if they want, but can also easily hang out with people and other pets If they feel up to it.

Explore With Your Pet

Exploring the new outdoor area with your dog is a great way to get them used to the idea of being in a new place. Walking them in a safe area provides a sense of calm, even if they have no idea where they are. Over time, the new smells, sounds, and people become familiar.

Sticking to a routine is highly beneficial for your pet and gives them a sense of order. If you have a new cat, show them where the food, water, and litter box are, and then provide them with a tour of the house.

Give Them Some Treats

Pets love treats, so give them some treats from time to time while you’re at your new home. CBD for pets is a great addition to mix in their favorite treats. You can get these treats in a variety of flavors such as natural, peanut butter, and catnip. It can be a tasty addition to your pets treats while having them absorb the benefits that CBD has to offer.

Keep Your Dog On A Leash

When you have a new dog, or you’ve moved to a new home with your dog, it’s best to keep them on a leash. Not only do they not know the area, but they’re more sensitive to new stimuli and are more likely to chase another animal, a bicycle, car, or person and injure themselves.

Pet Proof Your New Place

Before bringing home a new pet or moving into a new home with your existing pets, it’s wise to pet-proof your home. Dogs and cats are curious about any new spaces they come across. Pet proofing your home, such as placing medications, cleaners, chemicals out of reach, keeps them safe and healthy.

Once your furry family member has adapted to their new living environment, the happier they’ll be. Once they realize that nothing in the home is scary and won’t hurt them on purpose, and if you keep to a routine at home and outside, the faster they’ll adapt to their new situation

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