5 Ways to Beat the Florida Heat

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While Florida is gorgeous and offers easy living near water and entertainment, the heat can be brutal throughout the summer months. If you get the most out of life in Florida, you need to learn how to beat the heat. From air conditioning to ice packs, there are many effective ways to stay cool. Here are five ways to help you beat the heat by cooling both your home and your body, so you can enjoy yourself regardless of where you are or what you are doing.

1. Air Conditioning

Having air conditioning in your home is necessary when you live in a hot region like Florida. The summer temperatures can quickly rise above 100 degrees Fahrenheit and stay there for an extended period. Air conditioning is so standard that most homes are already installed with units. However, the upkeep of an air conditioning system can be a problem. Searching for services online like, “reliable air conditioning Miami” will show you some companies like Direct AC who can provide the all services you need. They’ve built a reputation as air conditioning experts, providing regular inspections, repairs, and installation of new air conditioning units for your home or business. It’s vital not to wait until the hottest months of the year to have your air conditioner up and running. Scheduling regular annual inspections will help you stay ahead of costly and uncomfortable breakdowns.

2. Swimming Pool


Having access to a swimming pool allows you to relax and cool down whenever you need to. Community pools are lovely but are often crowded and don’t always provide the relaxation you desire while cooling down. Getting your pool installed will guarantee you non-stop access and comfort. If you live in southern Florida, you might have questions like, “how much does it cost to build a pool in Tampa?” Companies such as Olympus Pools offer competitive prices for pool installations as well as the installations of other outdoor living spaces to compliment your new pool. You can create a fantastic shaded outdoor area that will keep you and your family cool and entertained all summer long.

3. Shaded Areas


Planting trees around your home will provide you with a natural shade that will keep your house cooler. Keeping window coverings closed when there is the direct sunlight will also help to keep your space cooler. Even if you have air conditioning, utilizing shade will decrease the reliance on the air conditioners and reduce your home energy costs. You can also create shade with window awnings and patio covers. After all, it’s no secret that standing in the shade is cooler than standing in the sun. Applying that knowledge to your home can help you beat the Florida heat.

4. Cooling Fabrics


Some fabrics are cooler than others allowing your skin to breathe and reflect the light and heat instead of absorbing it. Avoid heavy or dense fabrics that will hold in heat. Moisture-wicking fabrics will help keep you comfortable by pulling sweat away from your body when you are stuck in the heat. Wicking moisture out will also help to keep you cool. Besides breathable and moisture-wicking clothes, you can also buy clothes equipped to carry ice packs or be cooled before putting them on. These specialty made clothes can be found through various online retailers and come in a variety of sizes and styles.

5. Strategic Cold Pressure

Applying cold pressure to certain areas of your body will work to cool down your entire body. For example, the back of your neck and over your spine will provide cooling comfort to not just that specific area but your entire body. Placing an ice pack on the back of your neck will quickly cool your body’s temperature making you feel less uncomfortable in the scorching heat. The inside of your wrists also offer cooling throughout your body, so setting a cold compress on your wrists can be super helpful during the summer months.

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