5 Ways to Get Through Workplace Stress

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Are you constantly frustrated with your day job? Do your side hustles seem like they’re eating away at you? In today’s fast-paced professional world, feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities is as common as the printer breaking down. However, some of the most successful entrepreneurs and business leaders continually beat workplace stress with some tried and true habits. How do people like Elon Musk and Bill Gates make success look so easy?

With these 5 habits, you too can overcome the stress that holds you back from your full professional potential.

1. Meditation

Perhaps one of the most underrated forms of relaxation, meditation, seems silly; how does focusing on your breath make you a better professional? In more ways than one, as Ellen DeGeneres (a multimillion-dollar, self-made woman) rewards TM, or transcendental meditation, with her wild success.

During an interview with The Today Show, Ellen mentions meditation when explaining how her lifestyle is directly related to her work. “Kinda like when you have to shut your computer down, just sometimes when it goes crazy, you just shut it down and when you turn it on, it’s OK again.” Meditation is a useful way to completely clear your mind, allowing for productive thoughts to fill in the space.

Begin by sitting down, closing your eyes, and focusing on your breath. Try to allow your mind to be clear by letting go of thoughts as they come to your head.

2. Journaling

Similarly to meditation, journaling is a different way to get thoughts out of your head and into a more productive form. By journaling, the thoughts that fill your brain are continuously put down on paper. Instead of holding on to the thoughts and worries, you simply transfer them into ink. Once your thoughts are written down, it is easy to view your stress as a whole, and from a higher view, they don’t look quite so terrifying anymore.

Try a brain dump, where you write down every thought that pops into your head, then review and organize the mess later to see what’s really bothering you.

3. Essential Oils

Essential oils are a science-backed, quick way to destroy stress and make you more productive. When essential oils molecules come into contact with your nose, they directly head towards your brain via your olfactory system. In other words, smelling oils has a direct effect on your brain.

The effect differs depending on the oil used. For example, eucalyptus oil aids with respiratory problems, while rosemary is helpful as a stimulant. In many cases, oils can be used to calm, excite, and even heal. How can you use this tool to alleviate professional stress?

Use a diffuser, heat water with a few drops of oils that are proven deterrents for anxiety, like lavender or rose oil, and you will immediately notice a difference in your mood and well-being. Try using oils for anxiety and work-related stress and improve your productivity that way.

4. Exercise

Although exercise appears to be another added task to your already hectic workday, the fact remains that the endorphins produced by frequent exercise are proven to lower stress. By jogging, lifting weights, or simply walking for 30 minutes a day, endorphins (chemicals in your neurological system that alleviate negative effects in your brain) are introduced and immediately begin fighting toxic stress present in your head.

You will begin to notice not only changes to your body but also changes to your mental well-being after only one month of regular exercise. Try getting outside and walking today, and see the effect it has on your headspace.

5. Take a Break

When all else fails, and no amount of meditation or exercise has you feeling better, take a break. It sounds crazy to stop working for one second in today’s professional landscape, but your brain will thank you for the day off. Take the vacation days you’ve been saving, give up the side-hustle that has you pulling your hair out, and let yourself breathe. It isn’t blasphemy to admit that you have too much on your plate. Sometimes, we all need a little breather.

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