5 Ways to Welcome a New Pet into Your Home

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In case you were looking for another reason to get yourself a pet, here is one: it may help you to live longer. A 2017 Swedish Study published on time.com found that owning a dog has a connection to a lowered risk of cardiovascular health problems and death. Visiting an animal shelter or a vet to adopt a new pet is an exciting time. There are several things to consider when welcoming your new dog into your home, so we have picked 5 of the most important ways to welcome your new pet.

1. Ensure that everybody in the home is prepared for a new pet

Before you bring a new pet home despite any breeds like Goldendoodles price, might need to occur and make a commitment to a consistent approach to feeding and training. Setting rules for your new addition will help to avoid frustration and confusion. Decide on what the dog’s schedule will be for feeding, walks, training, play, potty time, etc., and who will be responsible for those tasks.

2. Make the necessary preparations before your pet comes home

Prior to bringing your new dog home, you should gather the necessary supplies such as a leash, ID tag, bed, bowls, dog food, toys, waste bags, grooming supplies, and enzymatic cleaner. Pooper Scooper service is also an important service you need to arrange. You’ll also need to dog-proof your home by searching for and getting rid of hazardous materials and valuable objects that the dog might chew. A nylon dog chew would give your new pet something to play and chew on instead of furniture and other items. Also, inspect your fence or gate for an escape route.

3. Let your dog sniff around

After you arrive home with your new pet dog, let it sniff around the outdoor compound adjacent to your house on a leash. Bring the dog to your preferred potty spot and reward him/her with a doggy treat for using the right place.

4. Take it slow when introducing your new pet to family members and friends

It can take quite some time for a pet to get accustomed to a new environment. When you bring your dog home, you should introduce it to your family outside. Let your new dog be the one to approach and start the interaction. Providing a doggy treat may help the pet to associate your family members or friends with exciting things: food! Avoid hugging, kissing, staring, picking up, and patting the dog on top of its head in the initial stages of introduction because such things can scare some dogs.

5. Practice patience and persistence

Patience is important as you try to train and learn your pet’s personality and behavior. If you have adopted an older dog, potty training may not be as hard as training a puppy, but it still may require persistence and a positive attitude. It is always wise to give your dog some space and time to adjust to the new environment. Allocate the first few days to monitor your pet’s behavior and personality. Make a routine for him/her and balance interaction and relaxation time. This a time to build trust, so do not scare or scream at the pet or attempt to force close contact.

If you live in an apartment that does not accept pets, moving out of the apartment to buy a new home is not a bad idea. You may want to look at buying a house sooner than later so you can move Ol’ Rover into your and your children’s lives.

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