5 Wellness Therapies That Are Equivalent to Healthy Food for Your Body

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In order to remain healthy and active, we prefer eating a healthy diet. But did you knew that wellness therapies such as facial and body massage are also healthy for your skin and body? With the advice of your doctor, you should have one of these massage therapies at least once a month. 

Swedish massage therapy

This massage therapy is amongst the most most common massage therapies that people often prefer. Swedish massage relaxes your body and is proved to be a very efficient stress buster. It provides you with a feeling of wellness, a calm state of mind and it prevents your skin from aging.

The technique massage therapists use most commonly to practice this massage is the circular movement on the layers of muscles and for that oil or lotion is used. This therapy is very gentle and with the help of smooth long strokes along with the circular motions this massage is carried out.  

Hot Stone Massage

Have you ever visited a spa and wondered what a hot stone massage is? Do they really put hot stones on your body? The answer is yes! As the name suggests, massage therapists actually put smooth curvy stones on your body that is heated.

This may sound scary, but actually, this is one of the best wellness therapy. Where needed, Therapists put these stones over there and apply pressure on them in order to loosen up the tightened muscles. So if you prefer a massage that is not that strong and your muscles are disturbed Hot Stone massage should be your pick. 

Thai Massage

There are specific points on your body that if massaged gently the energy of the body aligns. This is what Thai massage offers. This yoga-like therapy doesn’t require your personal involvement, the massager will himself move your body parts in different directions in order to complete the stretches. Your job throughout the massage is to just enjoy the ride. This is the best relaxation therapy out there, it not only decreases your stress but also more energizing than any other massage. 

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy usually deals with emotional tension and stressful situations. The massage solely focuses on relieving stress and relaxation. The major difference between Aromatherapy and any other massage is that oils of different types and potential are used. These essential oils provide the energy boost and calming effect. The essential oil that is usually used the most during Aromatherapy is ‘Lavender’ oil that is used for its stress-relieving abilities.

Facial Massage 

Depending on your skin type massager will suggest specific facial massage for you. Your skin is cleansed accordingly, steam may also be used so that the products applied can diffuse through the pores of your skin. Facial Massage is the best therapy out there for your face it relaxes the muscle in the face and with the help of the lympathic system removes unwanted wastes from your body. It helps the blood circulation to increase resulting in a fresher face and good looks.

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