5 Wood Furniture You Can Build with a CNC Router

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The ordinary CNC routers are mainly used for woodworking production. Many furniture companies have been applying CNC solutions to achieve customized production of wooden furniture for homes and offices such as cabinets and wardrobes.

What is a CNC Router?

A CNC (computer numerical control) router is a type of power tool cutting machine which is operated on computer programs. It works when it is commanded by the operator through installed programs and software.

This router can cut different sizes and shapes of materials including wood, plastic, and foam. Some hobbyists use CNC router machines to carve wood. It is used in various exterior and interior applications. This device is also used in home and office decorations such as wood frames, moldings, toys, and sign boards. Others use it to make larger objects including furniture, houses and boats.

Why CNC Router?

Many people wonder why a CNC router machine is a hot name in the manufacturing industry. Here are the reasons why:

–       CNC router machines have exquisite wood carving structure which helps achieve precision and speed.

–       This machine comes with a vacuum adsorption table designed for easier and more efficient wood engraving process. The makers can cut out various pieces of different shapes.

–       The CNC wood router helps the operators save time and production cost. It features dual-station equipment which is designed for maximum production efficiency.

–       This woodworking machine does not only improve efficiency of production, but also guarantees product quality.

To give you some ideas on what specific CNC router machinery is used for, here is the five of the wood furniture that are built with this machine:

1. Desk Cubby

A CNC router can help you make a parametric desk cubby. If you are a hobbyist, you can use X-carve to obtain precise work. You need to tighten the wheels and belts, align the spindle and make straighter and sharper cuts.

2. Study Tables

If you have kids at home, a CNC router machine is a perfect tool for making a study table or a studio desk. Pick the right plywood material. You can make a digital design, apply contemporary angles for a modern style that will stand out. For finishing, you can apply stain, paint, or any type of preference.  

3. Book Shelves

One of the most popular types of wood furniture that a CNC router is used for is the shelf. Whether it is a small or big bookshelf, you can design and build it using this powerful tool. Decide for the material and program the shelf unit. An amazing fact about using this tool is that you can do other chores around your shop while it cuts the part for your shelves. Once you get to assemble the wood pieces, you can decorate it to your liking.

4. Coffee Tables

Make your home cozier and more stylish by placing a coffee table. But this time, you do not need to buy a new one. If you have a CNC wood router at home, design your own coffee table. First, you need to find a good quality wood material. Second, proceed with the digital designing process and simply import the file into the system. For many hobbyists, this is the most fun part of the process. As you run the machine, you can finish cutting out the pieces and paint or stain them.

5. Cabinets

Build a cabinet with a CNC router. To get started, simply lay down your chosen wood material on the working table. Create your cabinet design using software. Although it is the longest part, it is the most crucial step in the process. If you are already experienced in this program, you can complete it more or less than 10 minutes. Then, import the design file into the system and you can start the CNC machine.

Once you complete the cutouts, start the assembly. Do not forget to remove the wood pieces from the CNC machine first. You can choose whether you stain or paint the wood. Make sure it fits your room style and fill your new cabinet with your stuff.

The Value of CNC Wood Routers

Getting into the world of CNC automation does not have to be too complicated. As an operator, you need to learn the skills in operating CNC machines. Most importantly, you should know what type of CNC equipment works best for you. If you are into the woodworking industry, you need to find the right CNC router for your future projects. 

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