6 Business Ideas for Work at Home Moms

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Choosing to be a stay-at-home mum can be difficult for some people. The loss of income can place a strain on the family finances. For other moms, it could mean giving up a career you love. 

Well, the internet and technology are here to help. They will allow you to run a successful business all while staying in the comfort and safety of your own home.    

Our article will explore six business ideas for work-at-home moms.  

  1.  Start a Podcast

You are probably an active follower of some of the best mum podcasts on the internet. If you read some of the background stories as to how they started, it will surprise you.  

The Longest Shortest Time by Hillary Frank had its humble beginning in her closet. It went on to be one of the best podcasts in the genre. What makes it interesting is that she initially pitched the concept to radio stations. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, none picked it up. The podcast did finish its run at the end of 2019 after 200 episodes.

So if you have a passion, how about turning it into a podcast. You don’t even need to invest in expensive equipment to start you off. Use Podcastle Google Chrome Extension to convert your story into a podcast. With a laptop, podcast mic, headphones, and suitable software, you are good to go.

Oh yes, you will also need a quiet place to host the sessions. 

  1. Start a Vlog on YouTube

Do a quick search for mom vloggers on YouTube. You will see tons of work-at-home moms who are making money off the channel. Turn your daily family life into interesting content. The advantage of YouTube is you have access to a broad audience base.  

You have complete control over what happens on your channel. The topics you can cover include parenting, health, lifestyle, and even food. Once you manage to build a large subscriber base, the money will start coming in.  It can be in the form of sponsorships or ads.  

Like in the case of the podcast, you will need the right equipment. Such include a computer, microphone, camera, and editing software. Good quality video and audio is critical; otherwise, you will lose viewers. 

Take the time to research your audiences to come up with topics that will be of interest to them. Also, be consistent in posting the videos to capture interest and build relationships with your viewers. 

  1. Go Into Freelancing

Freelancing gives you total control over your hours and the type of work you do. Best of all, you can do them all from home. 

 Some areas to explore include:-

  • Freelance writing
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Article writing
  • Virtual assistant
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Social media management
  • Auditing or accounting, and so much more.?

There are tons of freelancing platforms where you can get jobs. Such include Upwork, Problogger, and Fiverr to name a few. Signing up on such platforms is as easy as opening an account.  

It helps to sharpen your pitching skills because there is a lot of competition. Think about going into niche areas to further improve the chances of getting jobs.  

  1. Provide Accommodation with Airbnb

If you have a spare room in your house, convert it into an Airbnb. It is a fantastic way to earn passive income.  It helps if your rental is of very high standards to attract the right guests.  Undertake proper market research so that your pricing is just right. 

Provide a pleasant experience to your guests so that they come back. You also want them to refer the AirBnB to their family and friends. You will need to register the Airbnb so that you comply with the regulatory requirements. 

Next, enlist on Airbnb so that people know that you have accommodation available. Many factors will determine how much you can make. Industry research shows that you can earn about $924 per month. 

But, do note, factors like location and the quality of service will impact the earning potential.  

  1. Start a Consultation Business 

Hey, it is time to stop giving out advice for free. 

A consultation business is another fantastic way to explore your career path. You already have a good understanding of your industry. How about monetizing your knowledge right from the comfort of your home? 

Many people seek expert advice, and you can become the go-to source. Take advantage of any networks or contacts you have built over the years. Do not be afraid to ask for referrals or recommendations.  

Join professional networking platforms like LinkedIn. Also, take advantage of social media groups to advertise your services. Maintain an active presence in such groups so that you start to get recognition as an expert. 

Another fantastic idea is to have a website to showcase the work you have done over the years. It helps to keep up-to-date with the different things happening within your industry. The people who seek your services must be confident that your advice is relevant to the current contexts.   

Do note; you will need certification and licensing from the relevant authorities. 

  1. Explore Your Passion for Food

Every time there is a family event, you are most likely always the person in charge of cooking. You can whip up a fantastic meal in minutes. 

It is now time to turn your passion for good food into a business. The cost of setting up the business will vary depending on which line you opt for.  

There are many ways you can explore your talent. Such include:

  • Host cooking tutorials on platforms like YouTube. As is the case with Vlogging, you can eventually monetize your channel
  • Write a recipe book
  • Host cooking classes, whether online or offline. Online gives you more flexibility because you do not need to leave the house. All you need is a stable internet connection, a good camera, and students
  • Offer catering services at events. And yes, this includes charging your family and friends for your services.
  • Cook and deliver meals to customers. 

Final Thoughts

Being a stay-at-home mum does not mean you give up on your dream. You can start a very successful business right from the comfort of your own home. 

Identify what you are passionate about. Next, do your research on ways you can turn it into an income. Finally, take the plunge and start earning money as a work-at-home mom. 

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