6 Fun Facts That You Never Knew About All on Four Implants

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There are more options for replacing lost teeth than most people realize. That’s even true when it’s necessary to replace all of your natural teeth. Instead of assuming you will have to live with dentures or spend weeks or months getting individual dental implants, why not consider another option? The team at the Orillia dental clinic will be happy to tell you all about a wonderful solution known as Teeth in a Day. Here are some of the things you should know about this option.

woman smilingMuch of the Work is Done in a Single Day

One of the reasons that all on four implants are referred to as Teeth in a Day is because much of the work is done in just a few hours. The four implants are inserted into the gum and tested to make sure they are firmly in position. Once that’s done, a dental plate designed to look like a full set of upper or lower teeth is attached to those implants. You can literally walk into the clinic with no teeth and emerge the same day with what appears to be a full set of natural teeth.

Keep in mind you will be back in a week or so to receive your permanent dental plates. These are custom designed so they are perfect in terms of proportion and the contour of your jaw. Removing the temporary plates and attaching the permanent ones will not take long and you will enjoy the way they look and feel.

This Implant Option Lasts Much Longer Than Dentures

If you are lucky, a pair of dentures will last for seven years. That means going back for another fitting and paying for a second set. Over the years, you may have to buy several sets. During that same time frame, you can go with the Teeth in a Day and never have to replace anything. The team at the Orillia dental clinic can provide you with specific information about durability and what to expect in turns of longevity.

You Never Have to Remove Them for Cleaning

The nice thing about All on Four implants is that they never have to be removed for cleaning, You will brush them after meals and continue to use mouthwash. One change that may be necessary is investing in some type of oral irrigation device that makes it possible to clean in areas that brushing cannot adequately reach. Combine these home efforts with annual exams and having a couple of professional cleanings each year, and those implants will continue to look great.

Your Daily Dental Hygiene Routine is Simple

With dentures, there’s the need to take them out at night, allow them to soak in a cleaning solution, make sure they are rinsed properly, and apply adhesive that helps to keep them in place. None of that is necessary with implants of any type. Brush, use mouthwash and go about your day. If you have questions about what type of brush to use or if there is a certain type of toothpaste that you should use, the team at the Orillia dental clinic will be happy to provide some basic guidelines.

Repairs are Quick and Simple

Just as you can chip or crack a real tooth, there’s the possibility of damaging one of the dental plates attached to the All on Four implants. The good news is that your dentist can remove the damaged plate and determine if it can be repaired. If so, it will be ready in a few days. In the interim, you have access to a standard plate that is attached to the implants with ease.

Even if the plate is too damaged to repair, the dental team can take an impression and have a new one prepared in less than a week. Once it’s available, you’ll return to the clinic and have it attached to the four implants.

These Implants are More Affordable Than You Think

When many people hear someone discussing dental implants, they often bring up the matter of cost. It’s true that these types of implants are more expensive than dentures. The payoff is that they easily outlast two or more sets of dentures. There is also less potential for gum irritation and other complications that are common with dentures. In the long run, those implants are the more affordable choice.
Would you like to know more about All on Four implants? Talk with your dentist today. And if you have no clue as to which dental expert to visit, you can check out https://www.westenddentalassociates.com/. You may find that this option is far and away the best one for your needs.

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