6 Mistakes to Avoid When Training Your Pet

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Educating your four-legged friend is not an easy task. In fact, many mistakes are often made. Here are some things to absolutely avoid.

Training the dog can be a difficult task if you don’t know how to properly set up an education program, especially if you are a beginner. Training is a serious matter and often, due to inexperience, several mistakes are made, which can lead to counterproductive results and in fact not to educate the dog in the right way.

Each owner should be responsible for his or her four-legged friend, loving towards him and should know how to give the animal a good education, aimed at obtaining a correct behavior with other quadrupeds and with other people.

This article is especially dedicated to those who have adopted a dog for the first time and who do not know how to properly educate it. Therefore, if you reflect yourself in this description, take care not to make the following mistakes during training.

Neglecting The Dog’s Socialization

Preventing the dog from socializing with other people can be a very serious mistake and can create behavioral problems in the animal.

First of all, it is good to know that socialization is a key element in the emotional development process of our four-legged friend, also known as “imprinting”.

This phase begins from an early age, when the dog’s first contacts are with his mother and with the other brothers or sisters of the litter. After weaning and separation from the mother, it is important that the animal continues to have contact with people or other pets, so as not to stop the quadruped’s socialization process and to avoid creating trauma. This will help the dog to thrive both emotionally and mentally.

Once the dog enters his new home, it is necessary to allow the puppy to continue to relate to other people and others (with due care), both inside and outside the home. Remember that a dog that is able to socialize is a mentally healthy and balanced animal, therefore it will be easier to train it.

Don’t Reward The Dog

When our furry friend behaves well or carries out your order without batting an eye, it is a serious mistake not to reward his behavior. Reward is a tool closely related to training and can prove indispensable during a dog’s education process.

Each time the dog is rewarded after having correctly executed an order, the quadruped learns something and associates that particular action with the reward; in this way the animal understands what it can do and what it must not do to receive a tasty morsel or a loving caress.

By discarding this teaching tool, the training process will prove almost impossible to carry out.

Ignore The Dog’s Misconduct

Many dog ??owners, for fear of punishing their four-legged friend when they do something wrong, are willing to ignore the pet’s bad deed. It is appropriate to say: “Nothing is more wrong!”.

A dog needs discipline, although this doesn’t necessarily have to involve corporal punishment or a scolding of the head. Things must be taught to the pet in the right way, without causing him any emotional trauma.

You must be firm but affectionate at the same time and make the quadruped understand who is in charge, always in full respect of the animal. You play a lot on the expressiveness of the face as well as on the setting of the tones, so the dog will learn to distinguish what he can do and what he must not do.

Being Fickle And Confused In The Dog’s Training

Educating a dog well is an operation that could take a long time and several training sessions. The dog may not immediately learn to carry out an order, so those with little patience could immediately throw in the towel.

This is a wrong attitude to adopt, as inconsistent and unclear training could worsen the animal’s bad habits or even confuse his ideas.

For example, if you give the animal an order and another family member gives an order different from yours, the dog may not learn anything and at that point he will decide to behave as he wants, without any discipline.

It is essential that a single person carry out the training correctly and consistently, in order to obtain the best possible result.

Don’t Listen And Don’t Understand The Dog

The ability to understand the language of your four-legged friend is a fundamental component in training a dog. It is necessary to learn to understand the movements of the body and the sounds of the animal, to be able to interpret what the quadruped intends to communicate to us. 

If your dog is restless and barking often, your first thought shouldn’t be to go looking for the best-selling anti-bark collar to keep him quiet and not disturb the neighborhood. On the contrary, it is important to understand why the dog behaves this way. 

If you can understand its language, you can understand why the animal is anxious, nervous or simply excited about something. Avoid humanizing him too much or treating him completely as a person. 

An excess of humanization towards the animal will only cancel its true personality. Treat The dog with all the love and respect in the world but be careful to always keep the roles distinct and not to exceed certain limits.

Allowing The Dog To Get Lazy

Exercise is a very important aspect of keeping the dog in good physical and mental health. A trained dog is a healthier and more learning animal. Always check that his diet is genuine and balanced and relate the food rations to the real daily nutritional needs of the quadruped.

Do not allow the animal to get lazy and overeat or its health will be affected. If you put all these good tips into practice, everything will go smoothly and you can enjoy a happy life in the company of your four-legged friend.


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