6 Pet-Related Items You Can Add to Your Customized Product Offerings

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If you own any sort of business that offers customized items, you might want to start breaking into the pet industry while it’s at its most profitable. While your company may not necessarily be pet- or animal-related, you can still attract pet parents with the right kinds of products, such as any of the following:

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These days, it’s pretty normal for pet owners to bring a dog harness or leash with them when they travel or work out with their dog. So if you are a sportswear or camping gear retailer, you can easily add customized leashes to your range of products.

Indeed, offering custom nylon dog leashes can definitely attract pet owners to your business, especially loyal customers who would love to have one designed with your business colors and logo. And because it’s from a business that specializes in athletic wear and travel equipment, they can rest assured that it’s made to last.

That being said, if you’re looking into outsourcing the production of these leashes, go for a manufacturer that makes heavy-duty pet products. As for what type to make, adjustable nylon leashes with a padded handle and strong D-rings are a great choice.

Pet Tags

Do you make jewelry and other accessories for a living? Expand your product range by offering custom pet tags for your customers’ furry friends. The great thing about this is that pet tags are quite simple to make and personalize. To make things even easier, provide a variety of templates and sizes that pet owners can choose from. Then, all they’ll have to do is give you their pet’s name to engrave or paint onto the tag.

Pet Bowls

Pet owners will always appreciate a personalized pet bowl. So if you’re a pottery or dinnerware business, this is a pet-friendly product you can start selling.

The best part is that pet bowls aren’t only for cats and dogs. In fact, they can also catch the eye of pet owners with reptilian and avian companions, especially since there aren’t as many products on the market for their needs. 

To accommodate different kinds of pets, you should offer a range of bowls in various sizes and colors. As for customization options, you can offer to have the pet’s name and some minimal designs painted onto the bowl.


Pet parents love making sure that their fur babies are warm and cozy when they sleep. Hence, furniture and bedding businesses can cater to pet owners by providing blankets that are specifically designed for pets. Not only are they a more accessible product compared to pet beds, but they’re also easier to customize as well.

At a minimum, pet parents will be happy to have their pet’s name embroidered onto the blanket. Some will want to take it a step further by printing their favorite pet-related quotes or photos directly onto the blanket itself. To increase the chances of making a sale, always provide a few different options for the fabric, color, and size of the blanket so that you can cater to animals of different sizes.

Cookie Cutters

If you’re a baking or food equipment business that wants to attract pet owners who love to cook and bake, try offering custom-made cookie cutters. In fact, your brand can invest in 3D-printed cutters with cute designs. These will give pet owners the chance to make cute-looking treats for their fur babies.

You can either do animal-related designs such as dogs, cats, birds, fish, or reptiles. Alternatively, you can go for pet-related shapes such as bones and paw prints. You can also take things a step further by creating a bespoke set of cookie cutters made to look like their fur babies.

Pet Treats

If you sell baked goods for a living, give your customers’ animal companions something good to munch on by offering personalized biscuits and other treats. However, make sure to use ingredients that are suitable for dogs, cats, and other animals. That’s because certain ingredients that are safe for humans to eat may be harmful if ingested by animals. 

To personalize the treats, you can let pet owners choose custom colors, designs, and even flavors. As for adding their pet’s name to the biscuit or pastry, you can either stamp it on or decorate it using pet-friendly icing. These make for great gifts for a furry companion’s special day, too!

Sometimes, it can be hard to think of new ways to promote your existing business. But with some creativity, you can attract an entirely new niche market by adding the right items to your catalog. If you can pull this off, you could make a substantial profit by selling customizable pet-related products. So make sure to give these ideas a try when expanding your offerings to cater to pets and their parents.

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