6 Pros and Cons of Nursing Homes & 6 Red Flags to Watch Out For

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If you have an elderly loved one who needs care, you may be trying to decide whether a nursing home is the best option.

To help you with the tough decision, weigh up the following six pros and cons. Then, check out the six red flags to watch out for if you do decide a nursing home is the right choice.

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Six Pros and Cons

1. CON: Nursing Homes Are Expensive

One of the main drawbacks of nursing homes is that they are typically expensive.

However, your loved one deserves to live comfortably and have access to immediate care as he or she enters his or her later years, so if you or your loved one can afford a nursing home, it’s obviously more than worth the expense.

2. CON: Loved Ones Can Feel Lonely in Nursing Homes

If your loved one is used to seeing you and other family members regularly, it can be challenging for the person to live somewhere new, with new people. But it often just takes a little time to adjust.

All the same, make sure you visit as frequently as possible if your loved one does reside in a nursing home.

3. CON: Poor Care

While the majority of nursing homes are professional and welcoming, sadly, poor care can occur in nursing homes. In fact, sometimes nursing home neglect and abuse can happen. So, make sure you thoroughly research any home you’re considering for your loved one before you choose.

If your loved one does become the victim of neglect or abuse, you should get advice from a lawyer who can help you explore your options and hold those responsible accountable.

You can learn more about nursing home neglect and abuse at https://nursinghomelawyerpa.com/.

4. PRO: Your Loved One Can Receive Around-the-clock Care

If you could accommodate and look after your loved one yourself, you probably would. Without that option, when your loved one needs regular care, he or she has the option of receiving home care or residing in a nursing home.

The latter is often the best option because it means your loved one is able to access and receive care around the clock. You can then have peace of mind that your loved one is being looked after 24/7.

5. PRO: Your Loved One Can Become More Sociable

When a person becomes elderly and suffers from health problems, it can be difficult to get out and about and see friends and make new ones. A nursing home can be a great solution to that problem. The best nursing homes encourage residents to mix and provide a wide array of activities.

When your loved one is able to be more sociable and engage in enjoyable activities, he or she is sure to be happier, and could well be healthier too.

6. PRO: Things Like Cleaning and Cooking Are Taken Care of

It can also be challenging for elderly people with health problems to stay on top of simple tasks like cleaning and cooking. Well, at a nursing home, your loved one will not need to do either task.

Members of staff will keep residents’ rooms and communal spaces clean, and residents will be able to eat delicious and nutritious meals every day without having to prepare them themselves.

Six Red Flags to Watch Out For

We already touched upon nursing home abuse and neglect.

To ensure that doesn’t happen and to make sure the nursing home you select is professional and maintains excellent standards, be on the lookout for any of the following six red flags when visiting prospective nursing homes:

  1. Unclean facilities.
  2. Lack of knowledge among the staff.
  3. Residents looking unkempt.
  4. Very restricted visiting hours.
  5. Poor quality of food.
  6. Rude and dismissive staff.

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