6 Questions That Will Bring You Closer To Your Love

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Having a fairy tale love story is not the goal. The aim is to be able to cherish the love, truly, madly, deeply. The aim is to preserve the treasure trove relationship with infinite care, away from all the hassles of life. If you ask me can we find such a love, the answer that you are most likely to receive is -yes, provided you know how to make it happen?

Partners whether married or not, often try their hand at things that can make them come closer to their love. But did you know that these beautiful love stories can be made even better and brighter with just 6 questions? Oh yes, I am not even kidding.

If you’ve been eager to scroll through my super-exciting disclaimer, it is finally time now to take you through these 6 questions that will bring you closer to your love.

  1. Do you think we are soulmates? Why?

A question that you probably already know the answer to. But that’s not the point. When you ask this question, you are only trying to remind them about the loving relationship between you two. You are compelling them to think about the good things in you, that in the rush of daily lives all of us tend to forget.

On top of all, the answer to this question is more likely to make you blush at the amazing partner you’ve found for yourself. Imagine!

  1. What scares you in our relationship?

Partners often have miserable fights over things that scare them. The fight is more likely to worsen if either of one partner does things that the other partner fears most. This question will disclose some hidden facts about your partner which he/she most likely doesn’t say it in front of anyone else. Apart from that, you will also get a brief on what you shouldn’t attempt to do to keep this beautiful relationship unaffected.

Such a question can also light up a whole new conversation between you both, that will give you both some time to talk about the love between the two of you and drown in love once again. In fact, your partner might also tell you about some sexual problems like premature ejaculation or a dry vagina that they have been suffering from quite some time, and you both together can find a solution to it. Check out help in terms of Shighrapatan Ayurvedic medicine or homeopathy treatment for dry vagina. But do talk about it.

  1. What do you wish I’d do more often for you?

An extremely direct question that will help you fetch an honest answer from your partner. If you’ve always wanted to know one thing that your partner might be craving for, this is the time to ask them so you can enhance the flavor of your relationship with them. This question would help you cater to their preferences and draw an inch closer to them.

  1. How is our relationship special?

Another happy question that will make you both cherish the good things about your bond. Your partner will be impelled to remember the value of this relationship and how you both are the perfect couple in comparison to others.

This question will also help you both comprehend the magical relationship that you both embrace, drawing you both closer in love with one another.

  1. What made you fall for me?

When you ask your partner about the things that made them fall for you, you are taking them back to the good old times when you both fell for one another. Apart from that, I advise you to take small notes of his answers for your rescue on days he is pissed at you.

And well, believe me, you will remember the answers lifelong

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