6 Reasons Why Investing In Sterling Silver Jewelry Is Worth Your While

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More contemporary Jewelry designers today are using sterling silver due to its perfect amalgamation of beauty, malleability and durability. Irrespective if you’re looking to add a timeless piece to your Jewelry collection or are looking for a piece that you can wear for everyday use, you’ll most likely find a sterling silver piece that is perfect for you. Check out Ideaure for a wide selection of handcrafted sterling silver pieces delight. Here are six reasons why sterling silver is worth investing into.

  1. Durability

When you’re taking good care of your sterling silver piece, it could last you for a lifetime. Pure 925 sterling silver does not come cheap, but the additional cost more than make up for the lifetime value and quality of the Jewelry you’re investing in. To ensure you are buying the best quality, make sure you buy from reputable and established Jewelry agencies and be on the lookout for these markers in a hidden place on the Jewelry piece:

  • .925 or 925
  • Sterling silver
  • Sterling
  1. A Trendy Selection

Sterling silver is a metal that is guaranteed to be trendy for years to come. The latest Jewelry styles always have sterling silver despite the designs changing. Uncut minerals and gemstones are often set in sterling silver and remain a popular trend for spring and summer. Be sure to check out KS925 Wholesale Silver Jewelry for a vast selection of beautiful pieces that you can pass on from generation to generation. 

  1. You Have Countless Options

Since silver is a moderately soft metal, jewellers find it easy to experiment with and mold, which means new designs are coming out all the time. The broad selection of designs and styles in sterling silver makes the probability of you finding the perfect piece to fit your personal style to a tee highly likely.

  1. A Versatile Metal

Sterling silver matches any occasion, whether you’re attending a casual dinner party or assembling an outfit for the Met Gala. The same piece can easily be worn for both occasions. Silver is a classic metal and looks amazing when paired with other metals. Irrespective if you’re wearing your sterling silver pieces with platinum or gold pieces, it will match perfectly.

  1. Hypoallergenic

Unlike Jewelry pieces that are manufactured from inexpensive brass, nickel or base metals that are prone to irritating the skin, sterling silver does not possess metal additions that can result in an allergic reaction. People who are usually allergic to brass or nickel can wear sterling silver with confidence, particularly Jewelry like earrings without the worry of your ears getting infected. Metal additions to sterling silver generally are copper which are not likely to cause allergic reactions. 

  1. Easy Maintenance

Silver can get tarnished after sitting in your Jewelry box for a while if not worn regularly. Wearing your Jewelry regularly, can avoid tarnish since the oils on the skin is good for the metal and you won’t be stuck with Jewelry that looks dirty. There are ways however to restore the look to its original beautiful state in the event of it getting dull. Most hardware or craft stores sell varnish that works well with silver.

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