6 Simple Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy

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As a dog owner, you would like to strengthen the bond with your dog and keep it growing. And to make it happen, you will always look for ways to protect and keep him healthy. Things like taking preventative medications, providing proper nutrition, grooming, exercising, and various other things that help you keep your dog’s health at its best. Even investing in reputable doggie daycare, like Mad Dogs & Englishmen, is important.

But at times, you might get confused while looking for different things that help you take care of your dog. Hence, in this article, we have brought six simple tips to keep your dog healthy so that you can put them on your priority list without any confusion.

  1. Provide proper food and nutrition:

An essential part of keeping your dog strong and healthy is providing him with the right amount of food and nutrition. That’s because the diet of your dog can directly determine his health through his skin, energy level, weight, and gastrointestinal function. So, if your dog is having a problem with any of these areas, then it is apparent that there’s some issue in his diet. To avoid such issues, you can select the best dog food and also ask your veterinarian about completely balanced diets. 

You can analyze your dog’s health after you start feeding with the new diet and ask the vet for suggestions if the dog doesn’t respond well in a month. For instance, you can check the quality of his coat, energy level, weight, and various such factors that determine proper health and take relevant actions. doggycare.org can give you more information about the right nutrition for your dog. Remember that some food might hamper your dog’s health because a sudden change in the diet often results in vomiting and diarrhea. Hence, it is advisable to modify your dog’s diet only after taking proper suggestions from the vet. Also, you can read this article about why does your dog’s breath smell like poop so you could assess what proper nutrients and supplements your dog should take.

  1. Find a good veterinarian for your dog:

The next tip for keeping your dog healthy is to find a good veterinarian for him. Connecting with veterinary care will help you set a foundation for your dog’s well-being. You can check with them about the vaccinations and doses which will keep your dog safe from any diseases. For instance, all dogs need to have the heartworm prevention vaccine, while some would also require the flea and tick prevention vaccine.

Moreover, you would need to take your dog for regular checks to the vet depending on his age and health conditions. If you have a small puppy, then you need to take him to the vet after every few weeks whereas if you have an adult dog, then you need to take him within a span of at least six months. Healthy dogs can be taken annually for vaccines, physical examinations, testing for heartworms and other intestinal parasites. You should consider having effective communication between the veterinarians so that it helps your dog in the long run. You can click here for a great recommendation in Newcastle.

  1. Be consistent with grooming:

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Grooming is essential for every dog as it helps them stay fresh and away from any skin issues. Thus, to keep your dog healthy, you need to understand the basic grooming needs for your dog’s breed. You should also consider the health conditions and skin problems before you take up any grooming routine.

Additionally, you should consider trimming the dog’s nails and bath him regularly. If your dog has short hairs, then brush the hairs after every week whereas if your dog has long hairs, then you need to brush them daily. You can even hire a professional to groom your dog if you aren’t aware of the right steps. Most importantly, if the dog’s hairs keep on growing continuously, then keep a habit of giving him a haircut after every four to six weeks. 

  1. Involve your dog in routine exercises:

If you want your dog to become fit and active, then you should involve him in some routine exercises. Many dog owners cannot find enough time to exercise their dogs which leads to behavioral problems and separation anxiety in the dog. Additionally, if you are feeding your dog a healthy diet, then there’s should be an exercise where he can release his energy. You could acquire dog treadmills that will allow your dog to exercise while you are at work.

Hence, you should take some time and involve your dog in at least one or two hours of exercise. You can take the suggestions from your vet as the exercise duration can vary based on the breed, age, and size of your dog. The regular exercise routine can help your dog stay strong and healthy for a long time.

  1. Look for dental care:

Canine tooth - Wikipedia

Taking care of your dog’s teeth is essential to keep him healthy. If you experience a whiff of bad breath from your dog while you sit close to him, then it isn’t a good sign for his health. It indicates that there is tartar or plaque build-up in your dog’s mouth, which can lead to serious health issues.

Hence, you need to focus on cleaning his teeth regularly by using a brush, oral rinses, or feeding him dental treats. Remember that you shouldn’t delay taking care of his teeth as dental diseases can severely threaten your dog’s health. You can also ask your vet about dental care and seek professional cleaning on a regular basis.

  1. Pay attention to warning signs:

The dogs cannot convey their pain through words, and that is why you have to pay attention to any warning signs that indicate health problems. Remember that sometimes the dog might be having mild illness just like humans that can get resolved without much effort. But there will be situations when he needs to be taken to a vet for special care. So, make sure you learn about what things should be taken care of and how you should act in such conditions. You can also contact your vet if you suspect any signs of illness in your dog.


Addition to taking care of your dog’s health, you should also consider his safety in your home. We hope this article helps you in keeping your dog healthy along with strengthening your bond of love, care, and affection.

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