6 Things You Should Never Say To Someone Who’s Going Through Rehab

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Addiction is something that impacts millions of people each year. And even though many people believe they do not know anyone who is battling addiction, the chances that everyone knows someone in recovery are high. Recovering from alcohol or drug use disorder can be hard, but encouragement from friends and family can help a lot. So, if one of your loved ones is currently going through rehab, know that your support means a lot to them. 

However, there are some things that you can say that can possibly trigger them and make the whole process of recovery harder. In this article, you will find 6 things that you should never say to a person who is going through rehab.  

1. I know how you feel

“I know how you feel” is a phrase that so many people use to make someone who is battling addiction feel better. But, in reality, if you have never been through what they are going through, there is no way you can relate to their feelings. So, if you know someone who needs help with addictions, it is better to say things such as “I can only imagine how you are feeling, is there anything I can do for you?”. By saying that, you will let them know that they can count on you if they need anything. 

2. I had no idea

When people say things such as “I had no idea”, they have good intentions. However, this is not something that a person in rehab wants to hear. It can make them feel as if there was something they needed to be ashamed of. Instead, focus on telling them how proud you are that they are helping themselves and focusing on their health.

3. I’m sorry

“I’m sorry” can be a tricky one, as it depends on the way you say it. It can be okay at times, but in some situations, it can be a big trigger for people. Do not dwell on the problems that existed in the past. Instead, acknowledge how much hard work rehab takes and tell your friend you are proud of them. 

4. Are you looking for a job now?

Of course, you want your loved one to have a normal life, they want that as well. But, if you ask them whether they are looking for a job during their rehab, they might not be thrilled. Rehab takes so much work and that should be the only thing they are focusing on at the moment, just so they do it right. 

5. You are finally taking responsibility

People often view addicts as irresponsible, people who do not care about anything else but themselves, which is not true at all. And if you comment on them being finally responsible, you will only make them feel bad as you are not acknowledging the severity of their struggles. 

6. When will you be cured?

The rehab process is different for each person, and there should not be a time limit for anyone. Some people might take longer, and they might relapse, but that does not mean they are not doing their best. So, do not ask a person when they are going to be cured, as that is only putting pressure on them. It is making them feel like they are not trying enough.

These are the phrases that trigger most people who are in rehab. Some people, of course, might be okay with them. It is important that you listen to your loved ones and ask them if there is anything you can do differently in order to help them in their journey.

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