6 Tips for Creating a Seriously Fun DIY Photo Booth

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Since the invention of the camera, the art of photography has undergone numerous changes. From using high-resolution cameras to adding artificial texture to the photographs, it’s a constantly evolving field with endless possibilities. Since cameras are not anymore a luxury and are readily available, be it a digital one or on your smartphone, people have become a lot creative with their photos. The next new thing in the world of photography is DIY Photobooths; simple, artistic, and easily manageable. You can build your own or look for Shindig Photo Booth Hire to save some time and hassle. Making your own is a fun activity and can give you creative freedom as well.

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Think of a Theme

Before creating a DIY photo booth, think of a theme that reflects the occasion or the moment. It can be a wedding theme or a birthday one, a simple friend’s get-together, or a selfie station at a party. Giving it a theme will make for a good album and highlight and give you a nice flashback of the event. Think about if you want to take the time to do the theme yourself or hire a great company like Booths By Lux.

Create a Background

This is the most important part of a 360 photo booth San Francisco and is fairly simple to make. You can either use ribbons and curtains, hanging letters or pictures, add a funny text printed on a canvas or a cloth. Try and make it colorful as it will enhance the quality of the picture. Be a little creative and design your own backgrounds according to your taste and preference. If you have that creativity, you can even start your own photo booth business.


When building a DIY photo booth, don’t forget to add lights to your setup. Add lightings in and around the photo booth as it will further accentuate it. Try and add colorful lights that are in contrast with the background and the actual theme. A good lit photo booth is very difficult to ignore and can be a good crowd-pleaser.

 Add Props

Props are basically items that help explain the context of the picture and enhance the overall look of the Photobooth. When making a photo booth, try and add as many props as you can; they should be colorful and according to the whole theme of the booth. It’s considered a necessity now to add props in your photographs, so be sure to add plenty of them while making a photo booth.  Balloons are a very popular prop used. 


Location is a very important factor while making a DIY photo booth; after all, you want it to be visible to everyone. Find a suitable place for your photo booth, one that is near the actual party and also prominently visible to everyone. Placing your photo booth at a good location will make the photos that little bit special and memorable.

Be Innovative

Creating a DIY photo booth is really all about one’s imagination and creativity. It’s not necessary that you stick to popular themes, try and add little things and detail of your own. You’ll find out that being a bit more innovative will help you in creating a unique photo booth for all your pictures.

DIY photo booths are especially very popular with children and teenagers. Install a photo booth at a birthday party or a grad lunch and let that be the center of attraction. 

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