6 Tips to Get Your House Clean During Back to School Season

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Tips to Get Your House Clean During Back to School Season

My daughter has gone to Kindergarten and now that the home is empty, I find myself looking for ways to get this house cleaned. Room by room, day by day this house will get back in shape. There are many tasks to take into consideration when cleaning your home after the kids return back to school, today I will share some cleaning tips that you can get done while your kids are back to school.

  • Dust Everything – start dusting each room in the household with your duster. Be certain to get those hard to reach surfaces such as the top of the refrigerator and that hutch that’s been collecting dust all year long.
  • Windows – get every window in the home spick and span with a glass cleaner. Get ready to see clear again through those dusty old windows that collected Spring and Summer season debris.
  • Clean Closets – if you are like many parents across the world, you probably have closets full of stuff you had packed up all Summer long. With the kids back to school cleaning out the closets becomes super swift as they aren’t over your shoulder the whole time.O-Cedar Microfiber EasyWring Spin Mop and Bucket System -02
  • Kitchen – get in that kitchen and do a deep clean. Wipe down the counters after removing all countertop décor and appliances. Be sure to sweep the floor and then use your O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop & Bucket System to get that floor super clean.
  • Bathrooms – get out the glass cleaner to clean those windows, scrub the shower and bath tub and get those hard to reach behind the toilet areas clean now that the kids are back to school. Don’t forget to use your O-Cedar Mop to spiff up the floor too.
  • Bedrooms – now is the time to gut out those kids bedrooms! Sometimes it’s the bedrooms that are the hardest to clean. Get in each bedroom to vacuum tidy up and go through unwanted items that you can donate to your local thrift shop or charity.

There are so many rooms in a home that need a bit of cleaning, with the kids back to school parents all over are starting to get their home organized. Hop on board with me and use these tips to get your house clean during back to school season, you won’t be disappointed!

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