6 Unique Custom-Printed Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

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Quite often, it’s difficult to think of a gift for those closest to us. We know them inside out, but we don’t what is it that they’d like to receive as a gift.

It’s fine and happens with the best of us. It doesn’t mean you don’t love them enough. It only means you’re running out of creative ideas. In this post, we’ve compiled the best of our unique gift ideas for any occasion.

The best part is they’re all super easy to arrange. Read on to pick one now!

6 Unique Custom-Printed Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

All of the ideas mentioned below involve custom prints. It’s because custom prints will add the personalized element to the unique gift ideas and make your gift all the more special.

1) Keychains

Keychains come in handy for keeping house keys or car keys. Most people keep these keys either in their bags or pockets. They’re usually very close to them and almost always with them.

Hence, getting a custom printed keychain is a brilliant idea, especially for your parents or your significant other. You can pick a photograph of you and the recipient and get it printed on the keychain. It will remind them of your love every time they hold it in their hands. You’ll be their support system even if you’re not physically with them.

2) Journals & Notebooks

Journals and books are great gifts for creative people. Most writers, singers, filmmakers, videographers, artists, and other creatives have random burst of brilliant ideas. And nothing could help them more than a decent notebook to carry along with them to note all these ideas.

You can order a journal or a notebook with a custom cover. It’s a good idea to opt for meaningful saying as the cover instead of a picture. The recipient might not feel comfortable carrying a notebook with a personal picture as the cover. So, opt for a quote or saying that means something to them instead.

3) Metal Prints

Metal prints make excellent gifts for young adults and adults. They make great wall art pieces and suit well in living rooms and office spaces.

The best part about these wall art pieces is that they are lightweight and robust. If you gift a metal print to someone, it will stay with them for as long as they live. Plus, metal prints are usually large-sized. So, it’s going to be huge reminder that they cannot overlook.

What’s more, these are smooth, low-maintenance, and super vibrant. However, not all printers can promise the right colors and clarity on the metal print. Entrust experienced printers like Shiny Prints with the job if you want your unique gift to be worth all the effort for both you and the recipient.

4) Puzzle

Puzzles make excellent personalized gifts for problem-solving minds. When they put the puzzle together, and it forms their favorite picture, it will be very relaxing and soothing for them. Plus, it will create feelings of exclusivity.

Note that this unique idea is not recommended for children. Although it’s a puzzle, children cannot make much sense of the value incorporated here. It’s an ideal gift for elderly as well as teenagers.

5) Bookmarks

Custom print bookmarks can feature favorite characters or favorite sayings of the recipient. It could also feature a bookmark version of their favorite painting or lyrics from their favorite song.

It’s not a good idea to go with a personal photo print on bookmark. That’s because the recipient might not be comfortable using it outside their home. To make it truly useful for them, you’ve to make it safe and personalized.

Also, it’s the cheapest gift idea on this list but equally effective. So, if you’re on a budget, this will do!

6) Mousepads

Personalized mousepads can feature favorite personalities, game characters, motivational quotes, or a casual reminder of your presence in their life. You can even get a custom meme printed on it!

It will serve as a great gift for those who work from home or are pro gamers. However, arranging a custom printed mousepad will take you some work. That’s because there are not many businesses offering custom printed mousepads.

Final Words

When picking your idea from this list, make sure you consider the needs and personality of the recipient. Also, consider their lifestyle. Pick a gift that aligns with them and will be useful for them. Good luck!

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